From Dusk Till Dawn Staffel 4: If a fourth Season & amp; when?

The third season of From Dusk Till Dawn series starts today on the channel by Robert Rodriguez, who invented the series based on the famous film of the same. You see the program in parallel with the US launch on Netflix and wondering perhaps whether a fourth season planned. 

Here you can see the trailer for Season 3:

El Rey Network still has &# 8211; the little station of Rodriguez, who is primarily aimed at Latino Americans &# 8211; been no fourth season in order. We suspect that it is first checked with what success, the now-starting season three strikes and in the weeks to the end or a sequel is announced either.

From Dusk Till Dawn Staffel 4: no official announcement yet

On 07/09. can you throw yourselves at Netflix on the third season and are made directly with the Gecko brothers facing enemies from hell. Rodriguez is a director of the second series, Juan Carlos Coto acts as showrunner for all episodes. The series has received rather moderate reviews and ratings, but that it was meant only as a promotional measure for the new station, the third season is to be considered safe as a success.

Whether those responsible but still enjoy another season, will only be decided in the future &# 8211; we are so far in front no information about the plans to From Dusk Till Dawn. We can not conjure up and so we are waiting for new information from the USA and then update this article as soon as possible.

from dusk till dawn serie scale 4

In season you see is introduced as kiffender ex-demon hunter some new faces, such as Tom Savini, Marko Zaror as perverse well-trained Aztec warriors Zolo and Ana de la Reguera as Venganza Verdugo.

If you should have no Netflix subscription, you can the subscription service by the way 30 day free trial &# 8211; maybe you will not find other highlights of Netflix, which are interesting for you. From Dusk Till Dawn finds her but also with max cathedrals *From Dusk Till Dawn Staffel 4: If a fourth Season & amp; when?.


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