UMi Super: Preiskracher smartphone with premium features

The price war in the smartphone sector is in full swing: The Super UMi is the new model of the Chinese Newcomers and be had for around 190 euros. This battle price you get some features that is famous for its premium devices otherwise: fingerprint scanner, display with 2.5D glass, USB Type-C connector and a 4000 mAh battery with rapid charging function. But also in terms of processing and performance smartphone from China surprised. Down in the article, we also tell you how you can win the Super UMi.

Umi super delivery
The UMi Super visually reminds a little of other devices such as the Honor 7 or the HTC 10. Its housing is made of aluminum in gray or optional gold - it has a very special feel and feels about like the handrails in the U- Train. On the back of two plastic covers were worked up and down. The antenna strip to improve the reception quality run through the bottom and top of the unit, which is entirely solved sense. The Super UMi is slightly arched, whereby it lies well in the hand, despite the thickness of 8.5 millimeters. Weighing 190 grams, although it is definitely not a lightweight, but works with value and solid.

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Giant battery with fast charging and quick-access button

The weight is no accident, because has Umi has geschaftt to pack a 4000 mAh battery in the Super. So you should create loosely over two days there during normal use. The built MediaTek processor supports Pump Express Plus - the fast charging feature can charge the battery in half an hour to 75 percent. The device has a combination slot. This allows you to two micro-SIM cards or Sim and insert a micro SD card. From the house you have 32GB of internal memory. A feature that you would not necessarily expect in a mobile phone in this price range: The fingerprint scanner on the back - making it possible to bring the device and unlock instantly from sleep.

Umi super rear cam

Umi Super Quick AccessAlso convenient is the freely programmable quick-access button on the left side. This is slightly corrugated, as opposed to the power and volume up / down buttons located on the other side of the device. The button can be assigned to each installed app, which then starts a button. Other functions, such as play / pause music or direct switching on the flashlight, are not (yet) possible.

The eye-catcher on Umi Super is a messaging building circle at the bottom of the display. The so-called "Harlequin" LED lights standard white, but changes according to the notification, the color. If that constant play of colors is not needed, but the function can also be deactivated. The area around the LED can also function as a home button that is not specially marked capacitive buttons next to the "Back" and "Options." Alternatively, on-screen buttons can be used.

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Stock Android: Clean and liquid

UMi installed on the Superstock Android version 6.0 marshmallow. However, we find combined in settings for some additional features, such as a download booster, the bandwidth of wireless and mobile data connection. On bloatware luck was almost completely eliminated for. Thanks to the eight-core chip MediaTek Helio P10 and 4GB of RAM, the Super UMi always runs smoothly.

Display: Light and flashing stable angle

The 5.5-inch IPS display for Umi Super Sharp supplies. It has a resolution of Full HD - in this price range that's fully in order. The picture quality is very good overall, the display is very flashing angle stable and has decent contrast. The maximum brightness is pretty good. Nevertheless, it is relatively difficult in direct sunlight to see something on the screen. Thanks to the option Miravision you can still operate Fine tuning and make adjustments to contrast, sharpness and saturation. The display consists of Gorilla Glass 3, and, as we know it from 2.5D screens, rounded to the edges.

Umi super front-Up


UMi installed at the back of a 13-MP camera made by Panasonic. This is ready for use within half a second. The main camera is absolutely useful for snapshots, the f / 2.0 aperture allows enough light through. In addition, a dual-tone flash available to also show the dark natural colors. Under outdoors are sometimes a bit too bright - this makes the HDR mode for remedy. The colors are not too intense and the color image tends to be a little too warm. The pre-installed Camera app from UMi offers a variety of manual settings but still possibilities for optimization.

Umi-Super CameraUMi Super Beispielfoto16
Among other things, "Zero shutter delay" can be set there, so the photo is shot when triggered without delay. The (auto) focus has sometimes compete problems here and often requires a bit longer - you push too soon, the recording will be blurred. It is hoped that UMi still nachbessert with a software update. Video adopts the super maximum of full HD. Funny Feature: With the picture-in-picture mode, a small Selfie comes when taking pictures with the main camera on image - or vice versa.

Gallery UMi super test photos

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update announced

UMi has over confirmed to us that there should be a big OTA update soon that will address some of these criticisms. We will expand the article if necessary.

to win UMi Super Contest and VR goggles: Sweepstakes

The manufacturer is organizing on his official website currently a lottery: Until June 30 you can take part there and win a VR goggles and the UMi Super itself - how many raffles, depends on how many users subscribe to the newsletter. Anyone willing logs in on the manufacturing side with his email address.

Conclusion for Super UMi

For 190 euros, the Super UMi can compete in terms of equipment, with far more expensive smartphones on the market. I especially liked the processing with aluminum housing, the large-sized battery with quick charge function, the bright, high-contrast full HD display and a fingerprint scanner on the back. The notification circle at the bottom of the display is a bit strange and not more or less meaningful than a small LED at the top end - instead, you would have to mark the present capacitive buttons accordingly. Very useful is the freely-programmable shortcut button on the right side - we hope that in the future are more functions than simply launching apps. With 5.5-inch display, weighs about 190 grams and a thickness of about 9 millimeters, the Super UMi is certainly not one of the most compact devices - but a long-distance runner. All those looking for a great smartphone for everyday tasks, get to the Super UMi an absolute bargain without major weaknesses.

Umi-Super-aluminum housing

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