Sky Go take on the PC: How to

About Sky Go Sky customers have the option of pay-TV content from the subscription online in the stream to display on the PC in the browser or on the iPhone, or iPad. Those who want to watch the shows from Sky at a later time again, can record programs on Sky Go.

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181430What is Sky Go?
Users of Android devices look at Sky Go currently have the mark. A Sky Go for Android is not yet available and also with Chromecast Sky Go can hardly stream.

record programs on Sky Go

To include content from Sky Go, there are different ways.

  • With a Sky + HD Festplattenreceiver their Sky program can easily store on the receiver and watch it again later.
  • This recording is but only for customers who receive Sky satellite, possible.
  • The recording can be started at Sky online.
  • Alternatively, you can instruct the recording also by Sky Go app.
  • For this, it activates the desired program in the guide and just click on the Record button.
  • Are you at home, you can play back the recording on the receiver.


Sky Go take: how does it work?

Those without Sky + inch HD receiver can record shows from Sky Go alternatively with additional tools. For this, such is suitable. B. The use of Audials Moviebox. The application allows streams from the Internet can record in the browser and record. The inclusion of Sky Go is only possible for private purposes. Who circulated the movies, shows and football games, copyright infringement and is liable to prosecution. To record a stream of Sky Go with Audials, proceed as follows:

  1. Close browser window.
  2. "Save Video" view of the article about "streaming".
  3. Call live stream via Sky Go.
  4. Select "record video".
  5. Start "screen capture".
  6. Thus Audials records the right window, click on "automatic" and select "Detect & Record" of.
  7. The Sky Go window should now be marked with a red frame.
  8. During recording, the PC should not be used to avoid failures or errors in the recording may occur.

Sky Go take on the PC: How to download

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