Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: fall in prices in comparison – it is worth buying?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is already experienced in Germany on the market and has a significant price decline for several months. We have analyzed the course and the currently best rate for you.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: fall in prices in comparison - it is worth buying?Source: GIGA

Fall in prices of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

For something a bit bigger, reaches for Samsung Galaxy Plus S8 place for the little brother Galaxy S8. This high-end smartphone offers a measuring 6.2 inches diagonally display. The external dimensions fall through the "Infinity Display" but still reasonably compact from, so it fits comfortably in your hand. A larger screen is in the logic of manufacturers usually a much higher price results in the EIA of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was launched with 899 euros exactly 100 euros higher than that of the Galaxy S8. was so expensive previously, no Samsung smartphone, you can see times of variants former flagships with significantly more memory, luxury variants and exotic Galaxy Note edge on, 2014.

But the EIA is, as usual, a few weeks after the launch story. The forecast ahead of the launch price decline of up to 23 percent within two months to less than 700 euros has occurred even faster than expected and the price have fallen even more clearly how our price comparison shows:

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Interestingly, the price gap between the Galaxy-S8 models of about 100 Euro remains constant. so the price decline of the two smartphones parallel. Similar to the small model with the 500 euro mark so the Galaxy could also S8 Plus soon fall below the 600 euro mark and become more interesting.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is cheaper and more attractive

With a formerly very high price of 899 euros, the Samsung Galaxy was not affordable for everyone S8 Plus. Who could wait is now being rewarded. Prices have already fallen sharply and could by the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X continue to fall.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has absolutely convinced in the test - below the video for the Galaxy S8, but that is not much different:

240711Samsung Galaxy S 8: The test

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge as a cheaper alternative?

Visually, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge comes the new Galaxy S8 Plus closest. The difference in price is not as high as the price comparison shows:

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The price has fallen sharply after a year compared to the MSRP. The technical differences are less great than one might suspect, because Samsung has focused more on the Galaxy S8 devices on design. Both smartphones offer a good camera, are waterproof, have large batteries and the home button of the S7 edge is still sitting on the much more easily accessible front. As the decision is not easy. Who would not want to miss the best deals should follow our GIGA deals.

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Of course, the prices do not stop, so we keep the price decline of the Samsung Galaxy Plus S8 in mind and will report on new "milestones". The 600-euro mark is the next target - and already within reach.

(As of 9/21/2017)

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