Final Destination 6: According to Tony Todd in the Pre-Production

Death has a plan&# 8230; but there is also a plan for Final Destination 6? Since the first part of Splatter series almost every three years came a new Final Destination movie in theaters. Since Final Destination 5 (2011), however, it has become quiet around the series. According to Tony Todd, the actor behind one of the few recurring characters in Final Destination &# 8211; Mr. Bludworth &# 8211; pre-production runs to Final Destination 6 already. The business for the series speak for another part.

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Even if the final destination series already has a complete loop behind, new parts can not be excluded. How Candyman and coroner William Bludworth (Tony Todd) has stated in an interview with Movie Pilot, a Final Destination 6 will be in the not too distant future.

Tony Todd talks about Final Destination 6

The coroner Mr. Bludworth is next to Clear Rivers one of the few recurring characters in the horror series. With the exception of the fourth part &# 8220; The Final Destination&# 8221; Todd has not played in all the films and will also appear in the planned sixth part, as he himself acknowledged.

As Todd explains in an interview that the pre-production of Final Destination 6 in the summer of 2016 in Vancouver has begun. He will slip back into the role of Mr. Bludworth. The cult horror actor is very upbeat in his own words, in terms of working on the sixth installment of the series:

Personally, I can not wait to start. This part is most intelligent, fresh and definitely a big hit with the fans.

Revenue speak for Final Destination 6

Even if the final destination series can boast no blockbuster revenue that relatively inexpensive production was until recently always profitable &# 8211; especially with regard to other representatives of the horror genre. A sixth part is thus also economic light seen quite reasonable. We have the Porduktionkosten and global revenues (Source: IMDb) you faced here once in a table.

(Estimated) cost of productionworldwide box office receipts
Final Destination23 million US dollars112 million US dollars
Final Destination 226 million US dollars90 million US dollars
Final Destination 325 million US dollars117 million US dollars
The Final Destination (4)
40 million US dollars186 million US dollars
Final Destination 540 million US dollars157 million US dollars
In Final Destination unlikely: Die Boring cinema // Source: New Line CinemaIn Final Destination unlikely: Die Boring cinema // © New Line Cinema

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