Sky3DS: flashcard modification for Nintendo 3DS ROMS- is this legal?

Who calls a console his own, sooner or later the question arises whether it is possible to use backup, burned matches or download ROMs with their own system. Users a Nintendo 3DS find with special Flashcards Sky3DS such a possibility. But Sky3DS is legal?

Sky3DS: flashcard modification for Nintendo 3DS ROMS- is this legal?

In Sky3DS is a flash card, which makes it possible to use ROMs of Nintendo games on your own console. Homebrew and other handicrafts are hereby not possible.

Sky3DS: Nintendo 3DS ROMS legally with Flash Card in Germany?

Who plays with the idea to buy such a Sky3DS Flash Card, should, however, turn away from this project. Although often a legal gray area or the "right to private copy" is listed in the Modder-, cracker and homebrew scene, the use of Sky3DS in Germany is illegal. In the spring of 2014 Nintendo announced that devices for circumvention of technical protection measures for playing pirated from Munich Higher Regional Court (OLG) were declared illegal. Sky3DS levers of the safety system of Nintendo handhelds and is therefore counting on these "devices". Providers of such Flash Cards for the Nintendo 3DS in Germany were already sentenced to pay damages in the millions.

"The decision of the Munich Higher Regional Court confirmed that the main purpose of circumvention devices is to allow the game with pirated copies of video games. It is thus in line with the recent decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case against Nintendo PC Box. "

Sky3DS: flashcard modification for Nintendo 3DS ROMS- is this legal?

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prohibited hardware modification for Nintendo 3DS ROMS: Sky3DS

In addition to the illegal path you treading with Sky3DS and Co., it also loses any manufacturer's warranty on the part of Nintendo, you should demonstrate the use of such flashcards. In addition, the use of such systems is often associated with complications and a long training. So the firmware must on the console to a specific version be brought Sky3DS also only supports 3DS games, but not normal DS / DSi games. Furthermore, the cards do not work "region free" ROMS from another region therefore do not work with Sky3DS. Furthermore, there is no homebrew support.

sky3dsThe common variants of the Sky 3DS Card support up to ten games. the games can not be deleted or replaced for an extension of an additional card must be organized. Priced the cards are 90 €, or about € 9 per game. Comparing the used prices of Nintendo 3DS games *, one is on the legal side often been cheaper and will also receive a booklet including an official envelope and support for the game.

Used 3DS Games*

Especially the lack of Homebrew support finally suggests that Sky3DS only exists for illegal purposes, ie for pirated copies of games. Other console hackers often work on jailbreaks to extend the capabilities of a console to satisfy his own ambition to crack the security system or to get an insight into the system without copy ulterior motives.

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