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In some situations, a JPEG image file is more practical than a Word file. For example, if you want to load the content on a site that can not work with Word documents. Or if you want to display the file with a program that is not able to open Word files. Do you want to save the Word file as JPG, it does not always have a JPG Converter be. This article describes how you can convert to JPG or PNG your Word.

Do you have your text written in Microsoft Word or receive a Word file, it may be useful to convert them to JPG format. For compressed images with small file sizes is the ending &# 8220; .jpg&# 8221; or &# 8220; .jpeg&# 8221; familiar and features the well-known and common image format. Do you want your Word file now save as jpg, their different programs can use a screen capture or convert them online.

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Word: save documents as JPG &# 8211; various ways of

There are several ways to convert a Word document in parts or as a complete file in the JPG format (or, if necessary, PNG). We show you some easy and practical ways by which you quickly create image files of your lyrics.

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convert Word file with Snipping Tool in JPG &# 8211; the quick and dirty way to image file

Those who work with Windows Vista or later can use the built-in Windows Snipping Tool. With this you can create a JPG image file of any screen cut-out so as an integrated in Word image of an entire document or a website in the browser.

  1. Opens with Word your file.
  2. Represents the zoom mode at 100%, so that the document is completely visible. You can also provide more than 100 percent if the image does not thereby become pixelated zoom.
  3. Click the bottom left of the Windows icon, click All Programs, then Accessories and finally Snipping Tool.Word to JPG - Snipping Tool
  4. Alternatively, you can also simply Snipping Tool in the bottom search of the Start menu to enter. word-in-jpg-convert
  5. Selects New and created using the mouse a frame containing the full document or image in the document.
  6. Click on File, then Save As, choose a file name and confirm your selection.
  7. Do not you want to save the file as a JPG, you can select a different format, such as the lossless PNG.

Texts using convert Paint in JPG

Even with the included with Windows Paint can create their JPGs.

  1. First opens your text file, scales the size so that the text fits on the screen and press the Print button.
  2. Now you Paint opens. To do this you simply click on the Start menu and give in the search field Paint and then clicks the icon.
  3. Paint is open, pushing her Ctrl + V. The proposal made by you via print button screenshot will be inserted into the program.
  4. At the outer edge of the screenshot is a dashed line that covers the entire image, and forms a frame around it. If this is the line of the image section, which you need as a JPG file.
  5. You can reduce the selection by you draw with the mouse the little boxes on the corners of the dotted line inside.
  6. Have you selected the right picture, you click after click Save.
  7. Note that Paint often suggests as PNG file format. But you can do this switch if necessary to JPG. word-graphic convert

Online store the Word file as JPG: Per JPG Converter

To convert your Word document into a JPG, you need not always own software. To convert the file to the new format and save it as an image file, you can also use several free online services. For example, the website * holds provides a free online converter for you. Ye your Word saves the document as JPG:

  1. Click Select and navigate the pop-up to the Word file you want to convert her. Your file is then converted and appears as an icon among them.
  2. Now you just click on Download. The JPG file is downloaded as a zip archive. As a rule, the file is saved in your downloads folder and can be opened directly. If that is not the case, we have described to you elsewhere, as you can open a Zip file.

JPG Converter

For sensitive data this way is of course not an option as the file undergoes external servers, even if the site operators indicate that the uploaded files will be deleted after one hour. More Online Converter for example, Convertio * and * Zamzar.

Word to JPG converter with PDF24 Creator

The proven PDF24 Creator can convert Word files into multiple file types, including JPG.

PDF24 Creator download for free

After downloading and installing you have to do the following:

  1. Opens with Word your document.
  2. the Ctrl key down and taps the P button.
  3. The print window has opened. There you choose the PDF24 Creator as the printer and confirm your selection.
  4. Now the file in PDF24 Creator is open. Click the top center on the disk icon.
  5. Selects left JPEG from the format. If necessary, you can change the image settings. Then you click Next.
  6. Decide for a file name and a destination and click Save.
Word to JPG - PDF24 CreatorBy the way: Do you want only one picture that is embedded in a Word document, save it as a graphic, it is enough if you click right on the image, and then click Save as Picture&# 8230; clicks. Here, too, you can select the JPG file format. word-graphic store Do you have your Word document saved as a JPG, you can do it now even with our tutorial reduce in size. Alternatively, you can post your document and then save or export it as JPG with the layout applications InDesign or the free counterpart Scribus.

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