White Goods & amp; Brown goods – What is it and where can I get to buy the stuff?

Eventually you stumble over the words &# 8220; White goods&# 8221; and &# 8220; Brown goods&# 8221; and that some people want to buy it. But what is that? Are the drugs or what to smoking? We clarify the practical guide, which is white and brown goods, and where you can buy them.

&# 8220; White goods&# 8221; LG | The refrigerator with Windows 10 & touchscreen

White goods | at Media Markt*

White goods & Brown goods - What is it? (Definition)

Under white or brown goods is understood to not use drugs or otherwise any illegal substances, but it comes to equipment for domestic use. These devices are commonly divided into four categories:

  • White goods: This mainly kitchen appliances are meant in particular Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers.
  • Brown goods: This is understood to consumer electronics such as televisions, audio equipment, computers, game consoles, etc.
  • Red goods: heaters are designated as such.
  • Gray goods: With gray goods, information and communication electronics is meant. This includes the full range of IT, telephone and Co.
White goods must not necessarily be white; it is a device category.

So white goods need not necessarily be white. With the color of the name has nothing to do, but with the purpose of home appliances. The boundaries between the categories can become blurred, as a smart phone or tablet is now allocated to both the brown and gray goods. The above video with Amir also shows that refrigerators persons in the gray goods as the real white goods today.

Here you see a typical brown goods: the TV or Smart TV.

The TV is typical for brown goods. Source: Amazon

Buy white and brown goods

White goods like this refrigerator can be bought at Media Markt, Saturn, Amazon and co.

Source: Amazon

Both white and brown goods can you either buy online or on-site in many electronics stores today. These include Media Markt *White Goods & amp; Brown goods - What is it and where can I get to buy the stuff? and Saturn * offering the above mentioned kitchen appliances - but this feature is not explicitly than white or brown goods. The terms are used rather in the jargon of the trade. Nevertheless, most communication will know if you ask for a white or brown goods.

white & Brown goods | Saturn*


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