Cable Germany Speed ​​Test: How fast is my DSL?

Much like cable and DSL provider Unitymedia also cable Germany offers a speed test. With the speed test you shall determine how high (or low) is your Internet speed.

Cable Germany Speed ​​Test: How fast is my DSL?

Cable Germany Speed ​​Test can perform her here:

Click here for the Speed ​​Test*


cable-Germany-speed test*Cable Germany Speed ​​Test: How fast is my DSL?

If the cable Germany Fake Speed ​​Test?

But the speed test is accurate?

As with all speed tests on the internet that you can not expect a hundred percent accuracy of the measurement also applies to cable Germany. In the result, various factors influence, including:

  • time of day
  • Active, running background processes
  • Utilization of the Internet site
  • In parallel with the Speed ​​Test running applications
  • Downloads
  • Wi-Fi or LAN connection
  • Virus Scanner
  • firewall

Cable Germany Speedtest should you perform several times thus at different Zeitpuntken day. In addition, it is recommended for a meaningful result, downloads and active programs running in the background to finish. In addition, it has an influence on the Internet speed when you're connected via a wireless network to the Internet. If the speed test be carried out, we recommend a cable internet connection. Does this also ensures that all routers settings are set up properly and z. B. makes no firewall that the cable Germany Speed ​​Test is hindered.

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As with all mobile and internet contracts also applies to cable Germany *Cable Germany Speed ​​Test: How fast is my DSL?, that data is usually only at a maximum speed of,. B. "up to 100 Mbit / s" are blown through the data lines. Who operates highly filesharing with cable Germany connection, must also expect a day with a throttling of the high-speed data volume within a specified period, usually. Many Internet providers now have clauses in contracts where z. B. is performed throttling the Internet connection from a data volume of 10 GB for downloads and file sharing. therefore ensures that you have hunted in recent days, no crowds of movies and music through the Internet line when her cable Germany launches Speed ​​Test.

Cable Germany Speed ​​Test for DSL: False or slow?

To obtain a meaningful value as possible on the Internet speed, you should perform the cable Germany speed test at different times of day. It is also necessary, especially to end downloads, all background applications. Ideally, the computer should also be wired to the Internet in order to prevent possible interference with the data transmission through the wireless network. Furthermore, you should make sure the speed test that no other device on the Internet to grab. Thus, the Internet speed z. B. also be forced by automatically downloading app updates on the smartphone or a concurrent online game on the PlayStation 4 in the knee.

cable-Germany-speed test-example

To ensure that the cables Germany Speed ​​Test does indeed have validity, you should also carry out further tests on similar providers:

  • Initiative network quality
  • Unitymedia Speed ​​Test

If it turns out even with several tests that your Internet speed further below the contractual value, do not hesitate to contact the customer support with cable Germany. Especially if the tests other providers show a significantly lower result than the cable Germany Speed ​​Test, you should contact the service.

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