Candy Crush Level 130: creates With these tricks you there (Android, iOS)

Candy Crush Level 130 is the fifth level of the waffle shipyard and a pink contract level. Many players of the popular game for Facebook, Android devices and iPhone seem problems with Candy Crush Level 130 to have because they do not know exactly what they are supposed to do. In the following article we tell you exactly what is going on with Candy Crush Level 130 and show you some tricks on how to cope with their task.

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Candy Crush Level 130 &# 8211; what is at stake&# 8217; s?

Candy Crush Level 130 is a pink contract level. The goal is to reach all targets in a certain number of moves. In Candy Crush Level 130 which means:

  • You have to make striped candy combinations and then combine at least five striped candy together.
  • In addition, you must achieve 20,000 points.
  • For these requirements you have time 40 moves.
  • Candy Crush Level 130 is the first level, you needed in the mandatory combinations in order to successfully complete the level &# 8211; for an average of a combination of all eight trains.
  • Combinations help you in later levels, for example, So you are well versed in Candy Crush Level 140. Power to them.

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Candy Crush Level 130 &# 8211; So you can make it

The strategy for Candy Crush Level 130 itself is quite simple: just combined a striped candy with another striped candy &# 8211; all you have to do at least five times. Remember that you have a maximum of 40 trains for time: In Candy Crush Level 130 her so you should make all average 8 trains a combination.

  • Striped candy generated her by her forms a series of at least 4 of the same color candies.
  • Important: You can sweets both horizontally and vertically combine. A horizontally striped candy produced admits after activating all the sweets in the horizontal row from, just as it works in vertical striped candy.
  • Take enough time for making striped candy: The more striped candies you together tinkering you, the higher the chance then to combine them.
  • On wrapped candies and speckled her dispensed in Candy Crush Level 130 better: Increase This special sweets the chance to trigger a chain reaction and clear away valuable striped candy accidentally.
  • Also read the guide Candy Crush Saga: Cheat for new life, tips and tricks. Here we show you general tricks that make you the game.
Candy Crush Level 130Uses every opportunity to form as many combinations as possible.

Candy Crush Level 130 &# 8211; combine striped candies

  • Pay attention to where you form the striped candy and coordinates them so that they are as close as possible.
  • After you've created in Candy Crush Level 130, the striped candy, you should try to combine them vertically &# 8211; usually this is easier than in the horizontal.
  • You can also use a color bomb to clear all the candies of one color in one fell swoop. By the resulting gaps it increases the chance to form a suitable combination.
  • When you complete the order with the minimum number of 5 combinations, you get 25,000 points (5 combos for every 5000 points) &# 8211; that's a bit more than you need for a one terne standings.

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