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Fidget Spinner is the name of the new toy trend that is currently in the US to Germany überschwappt.Wir show you here the coolest gadgets and tell what you should pay attention when buying Fidget spinner.

31881What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget Spinner resemble small gyroscopes that can fit in your hand and can turn her with a light hand. Hence the name comes - Spin in English "twist", while Fidget "restlessness" means. Fidget Spinners are thus gadgets for people who need to play around with a little time, so a kind of stress-fighting toys. Instead of chewing fingernails, you just grab a spinner, hold it between your thumb and index finger on the ball bearings and then catch on to turn. More information to (and where the hype comes from at all) can be found here: What is a Fidget Spinner? Easily explained

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  • Where can you buy Fidget Spinner at the store or in the shop?
  • Finger spinner buy in Germany online: The best models
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different Spinner

These are the current most popular Fidget spinners with the best prices:

More products on BestCheck.deTip: If you are in craft spirits and have a bit of time, can you you cobble together also a Fidget spinner. Look for this in our guide initially Topic: Fidget Spinner build yourself &# 8211; Manuals and tutorials.Start Photogallery(8 pictures)The 7 Craziest Fidget spinner on Amazon and Co.

Where can you buy Fidget Spinner at the store or in the shop?

Actually, the first spinner has already been invented in the nineties years. In Germany, the hype about the Fidget Spinner is still relatively new. Recently, you can buy hand-spinners also with us &# 8211; not only online but also in the store. We looked around in the last few days and discovered several shops where you can buy Fidget spinner.

  • You get the spinning top with among others the supermarket chain Real or market purchase.
  • Media Markt and Saturn now sell Fidget spinner.
  • In other supermarkets the opportunity is also quite high to get a Fidget spinner.
  • The toy retailer Toys&8217; R&8217; Us has the finger-spinner also on offer.
  • Some of the spinners are also sold at the kiosk.

also looks also at flea markets or on other markets for Used over, which take place regularly in Gr0ßstädten. Relatively easy can Fidgte Spinner also buy online. In the next paragraph we present to you some of the best models in front for all budgets.

Bonus tip: You can also circulate online the fashionable trend toys. Look cool mini-game Fidget Spinner high score and brings the spinner to glow!

Finger spinner buy in Germany online: The best models

Especially in the network, there are numerous contact points where you can buy your own Fidget Spinner you &# 8211; all of course the online retailer Amazon, which has a huge variety of rotary devices in the range. So you do not totsucht, we know some of the most interesting models here.

Low entry

For less than four euros offers you the Fidget Spinner Saingace inexpensive but still send entry into the world of the rotary equipment. This model comes without any unnecessary frills.

Best on

Glowing in the dark

You're also at night stressed or needs something to take home from the party at the club. Then you should take a look at these cool Fidget Spinner, who even light up thanks glow effect in the dark.

Best on

High-speed ball-bearing

This rotary-Spinner Wortek is equipped with a high-speed ball-bearing rotary and promises endless fun.

Best on

Silver Gear in Gear Design

Of course Figdet spinner in more unusual designs. This includes the Chic Silver Gear of Airsson. The silver hand spinner consists of a steel-nickel alloy, and looks exactly like a gear in.

Best on

With LED lights

Even cooler looks a Fidget from Spinner, if he has installed additional LED lights on the wings. Exactly you get with this zweirotorigen Spinner Airsson.

Best on

Spinner wooden

It may not always be wood or metal. This Fidget Spinner actually made of solid real wood, and thanks to Zebra grain from particularly beautiful. Again, this dual spinner has built-in LEDs.

Best on

Built-in music box

Finally, a real highlight. This Fidget spinner has a built-in speaker and a Bluetooth connection. In order for you the gadget with your smartphone or the domestic system connecting and additionally listen to music while circles!

Best on

Of course you can also make yourself in search of a Fidget Spinner that fits exactly to you.

  • In the first place you will find it at Amazon *Buy Fidget Spinner: At the store and online on the Internet &# 8211; just give here Fidget spinner in the search box to get to the offers.
  • On eBay, there are also a wide range of Fidget spinners *Buy Fidget Spinner: At the store and online on the Internet.
  • Priced the Fidget spinners are quite affordable - the best models are already going around three euros, but the most expensive models can cost more than 50 euros before.
  •  Mainly considered the material of the spinner. What is important above all, the ball bearing, which is usually available in stainless steel, ceramic hybrid or all-ceramic.

In the table you'll find clearly summarized the advantages and disadvantages:

stainless steel
  • low volume
  • Low cost
  • rust easily
  • low rotation time
Ceramic hybrid
  • long shooting time
  • improved turning and running properties
  • volume up
  • susceptible to magnetism
  • No corrosion because not of metal
  • Pleasant feeling to the touch
  • Not susceptible to magnetism
  • do not run so quiet
  • Prone to breakage when dropped
  • Partially amplified volume
Fidget Spinner tricks Product ImageThe rotation of the spinner properties are influenced by the material of the ball bearing. Image: Henson via Amazon

If you want to spend no money, you can also pick once a Fidget Spinner app download. yet know their places where you can buy a Fidget Spinner? Have you seen somewhere a particularly great offer? Write it in the comments &# 8211; so you help to other readers who have so far bought no more Fidget spinner.

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