US launch of Supernatural Season 13: All about Germany Start, Cast and action

Today, the 13th season of the popular US television series "Supernatural" will start in US television. The 23 new episodes of the Mysterieserie to the two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester are shown on the channel The CW. But when is the official release of the 13th season in Germany? And what is known to the plot of the series?

With the announcement in March 2016 that Supernatural would return with a 12th season in the fall of that year on the television screens, the US channel The CW also announced that the two main actors have signed contracts for more seasons.

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Here we have the extra long (extended) Trailer 13 Season Supernatural for you:
1902Supernatural 13: Extended Trailer

Supernatural Season 13 confirmed - shifted TV broadcasting

The best television series end when they are at the peak of their popularity and the history that should be told, came to an end. The Mystery series "Supernatural" is to date the longest running series in the history of the US radio station The CW (and the predecessor transmitter The WB). Although the main story is already completed, the adventures of the Winchester brothers continue. The audience did not seem to be the weary. Already on January 8, 2017 The CW had planned continuation history in the 13 season announced.

For fans in Germany, however, it looks less rosy: The broadcasting of the recent season, the 12th Season Supernatural, the pay-TV channel Sky 1 has moved. You can see in German the new episodes of the 12th season from November 5.
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Supernatural Season 13: Start in the US and Germany

The news about the new season gave the transmitter is known, together with the extensions of other series that will start in the fall season. Consequently celebrating Supernatural Season 13 in fall 2017 premiere on The CW:

US launch for the Thirteenth Season is the October 12, 2017.the_CW_Supernatural© The CW

Still no release for Germany is fixed. Based on the following facts we can about the Germany start of the 13th Season Supernatural speculate:

  • The ninth and tenth season of the mystery series was in Germany about two years after the US release on free TV aired on ProSieben Maxx, in October 2015 and the 2016th
  • The 11th Season was only in November last year - to see on Sky 1, which you can switch to Sky Entertainment Package * - about a year after US release. The eleventh season of Supernatural will November 2017 Germany celebrate premiere.
  • To her new, three tenth season in they air can see on Sky, so is likely to a year pass away. release could autumn 2018 be.
  • A transfer of Supernatural Season 13 in the Free TV unfortunately could only for autumn 2019 pending.

Supernatural Season 13 see online in Stream - Here&# 8217; s

A little earlier you can the new episodes Supernatural in the stream see: After the US launch, there is the series in the English original version on Amazon *US launch of Supernatural Season 13: All about Germany Start, Cast and action and iTunes * as video-on-demand offering.

In addition, you can follow and access Supernatural on demand in the library to the live stream on The CW. For this, however, you need a US IP address. As you can stream on The CW, the mystery series, you read in the article: The CW Live Stream & use library in Germany.

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Supernatural Season 13: What do we know to action


What happens in the 23 new episodes after the bloody season finale? Who has not seen the finale of the twelfth season, should work better now not more.

  • It is clear, that Mark Sheppard alias Crowley will not play in the next season of Supernatural. His character died in the fight against Lucifer.
  • whereas Misha Collins still in the cast for his role as Engel Castiel it seems to be, as confirmed in an interview with But how to return Castiel?

  • Who follows in the footsteps of the Prince of Hell Lucifer? Showrunner Andrew Dabb betrayed opposite Entertainment Weekly that the new power vacuum in each figure wake differing views on the future of hell. Probably will not Lucifer's son Jack the main challenger in the 13th Supernatural Season but an "old friend", which we had not seen for many years and which would currently not in our world.
  • In addition, there will be a crossover episode with the Scooby-Doo team, which will be fully animated.
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As Dean and Sam introduce the end of Supernatural?

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who starred in Supernatural, is of course aware that the one day series will come to an end. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they have expressed their own ideas about the series finale. Jared Padalecki dreams thus even from a related movie.

Starting today, the story is about the monster hunter in America. Once we have news about the new episodes of the thirteenth season of Supernatural, you experience them at this point.

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