Madagascar 4: it remains the theatrical release in 2018 despite DreamWorks sale?

Madagascar 3 was a low point in the Dreamworks series about runaway zoo animals, but Madagascar 4 might turn things around again. The sequel is definitely planned and the release date is scheduled for the year 2018th What do we yet know about Madagascar 4, you read it here.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO and co-founder of DreamWorks has recently also been positive about Shrek 5, but the extension to a fourth part of Madagascar was clear even before the start of the third part and the premiere was a long time ago on July 28, 2018 set. Since then, however, there was little new information to continue. Except that Löwe Alex, zebra Marty, giraffe Melman, Gloria the hippo and of course the famous penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico return, is still known very little about Madagascar. 4

Madagascar 4: If the start date despite sale of DreamWorks?

Whether the facts remain as described here now will have to prove, because Katzenberg has to sell the company's US cable giant Comcast. For 3.8 billion US dollars, the studio said to have come under the hammer, and Comcast is now owned by two successful animation studio Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment, of which one example The Minions knows.

That it does not stand up well financially to DreamWorks, the sparrows have piped from the rooftops for some time, the company had a few flops released too much in recent years and had last year already 500 employees. What the acquisition by Comcast for the long-planned sequels as Croods 2, Puss in Boots 2, Dragons 3 or 4 Madagascar means is not yet known.

madagascar 4 start 2018

What is clear is that Comcast does not promise the big business of lovingly produced feature-length movies, but there is much more interested in what can be earned with the well-established market brands like Shrek. Theme parks and television productions move in this respect much more the focus of entrepreneurs &# 8211; there is namely still a lot of potential for rolling rubles.

The Madagascar films finds its way, with Netflix in the flat rate.

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