God of War (2018)

God of War is not about the new edition of the first part, but tells a completely new story with a Kratos, who came visible in the years and have to worry as a father to his son. However, he is by no means become old mildly. The anger is still strong in him which felt the mythical creature mythology painful.

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God of War: The worries of a father

For the new God of War (2016) draw the Santa Monica Studios responsibility that have changed all areas of the game mechanics in action-adventure and adjusted. A look into the gameplay demo makes it clear that much more attention is paid to the action and in particular on the relationship between Kratos and his son. The gods butcher must take responsibility and his offspring from the dangers that lurk in the world to protect. These come again numerous in the form of full-screen enemies. Here you have to keep as Kratos your anger in check, which in the past led to the destruction of Olympus.

God of War: Kratos comes slowly into the years.

What you got from God of War 4 to see so far is impressive once again. So you take it on, for example, a meter-high troll, which can add to the places their visible wounds have where you also slammed. The violence is explicitly series generic and not stingy with torn limbs and blood fountains. How complex the plot to Kratos and his son will ultimately remains to be seen. The new alignment may also be scope for good or bad decisions during the game, depending on how much you Kratos let his anger run wild.

God of War: Release and platforms

God of War is developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and distributed by Sony. a concrete Release date there is not yet. Sony wants the game but 1st Quarter 2018 launch.

God of War: Together with his son fights Kratos against a troll.

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