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GIGA-Filmlexikon we want to bring you closer technical terms used in the film and series area frequently. In this case we are dealing with the question: "What is a spoiler?"

For the peak of the auto-tuning was the word spoiler, at least for car lovers around the mouth - is nowadays constantly warned about media productions with the spoiler in front of the reports, the wing-like auto-attachment has nothing to do. So what exactly does the word spoiler and where is it from?

spoiler &# 8211; importance & translation

The word "spoiler" comes from English and is derived from the verb "to spoil&# 8221; from which translates "spoil"Or" spoil "means. A spoiler is therefore something that might spoil a film, series, video game or book. Usually hereby important information about the plot or the outcome of a situation in a work is meant.

So a spoiler is something that the pleasure of the viewer could reduce, as it is informed by the information in the run for over a certain phrase or the conclusion of the film or series order.

Spoilers are of course classified differently by each person: So the information who the murderer in a crime, for example, for most is a huge spoiler, which could cause you to each crime might not want to watch. People who are more spoiler-sensitive, but the information on the return of a familiar character in a multi-part film could be used as "bad" classify spoiler already, while others might appreciate the information and the reunion in the film.

What is a spoiler meaning translation GIGA Filmlexikon

Spoiler warnings &# 8211; Spoiler!

To the viewer no important action to anticipate events, the so-called "spoiler alert" at Mediene has naturalized, which deals with movies, series, video games and books. The Spoiler warning then appears in the video or text when important elements of the plot are discussed or described.

So if you want to go to a movie without more in-depth information and discovered in an article the words "Warning / Caution spoilers!", you should not continue from this point. Otherwise yourselves "spoilen" to and so possibly to spoil you the film is a danger.

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