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In the realistic driving simulation of the German Truck Simulator you become the hero German highways. Drive in the simulation large trucks, including their freight throughout Germany and work your way from a simple driver to the successful manager of a trucking company high!

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German Truck Simulator

In German Truck Simulator it's your job to bring the precious cargo on time and correctly to their destinations. You'll do this, you will always get better jobs and you can build its own fleet and lay the foundation for your own forwarding you soon. Here, you need to consider everything that there is to be observed in a real forwarding, as cost estimates, travel expenses, the best and most cost-effective sources of your goods, order management and a lot more.

In addition, you can select and send it with 60 different freight charges throughout Germany your trucks from various detailed and sometimes even original licensed tractors. Overall, you are in German Truck Simulator 18 different cities available between which you can spread your orders.

In the playable demo you can play without restrictions the first 60 minutes of the full version. The trial for German Truck Simulator you can download for free here.

update: The German Truck Simulator Patch can be found here with us. In addition, the developer for the German Truck Simulator Mods have released that can be found also with us.

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