PDFs together with freeware

With the right tools can combine their various PDF and this is even free. The procedure is called "PDF Merge". With programs like PDF shaper or PDFCreator is one less thing clicks.

Of course you can combine multiple PDF! For a PDF file contains nothing other than a container that text and images in a specific layout. Using a technique called PDF Merge her new pages can insert, delete pages and change the order.

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PDF Merge PDF Shaper

Easier way to assemble no PDF. PDF Shaper is a program that allows you Edit PDF can and that is free for personal use. It can extract images or merge images into a PDF. And among other things, it can also merge multiple PDF. Until recently, the program was not German. Instead of "joining" the corresponding command said there's "Merge PDFs" partly it is also called "PDF Combine" when it only comes to the concatenation.

pdf mergre shaperMerge PDF is easy with PDF Shaper

So you lead a PDF Merge PDF Shaper by:

  1. Click on the main window left content and in the following window Put together.
  2. The menu item opens a small window in which can be added the source PDF. This is either the icon labeled add, or simply by their draws the PDF with the mouse in the window. The order of the files can be changed by the icons up and down.
PDF zusammenfuegen merge PDFscontrol the order prior to joining the PDF
  1. A preview function allows you a glimpse into the PDF file if you are not quite sure about the content and the space in the target file given the name.
  2. The Run command will merge the PDF after you have chosen a name and location.

Faster and easier you can put together any PDF. However, there is no adjustment options in terms of output quality. So will you combine several PDF to a file and, for example, while making sure that the finished file is not too large, you need another tool.

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mix multiple PDFs into one PDF - PDF Merge with PDFCreator

For a better understanding you have to guide you briefly just how the program PDFCreator is working. It is called PDF printer driver installed and then intercepts all printer data to incorporate them into a PDF file. And finally you can usually also print PDF files, right? You guessed sure where this is going.

One of the PDFCreator-tricks that the intercept printout open PDF files and can collect. As explained elsewhere, you can easily with the PDFCreator merge multiple files. Rather than immediately start the first conversion to a PDF file, it uses in this case in the printer dialog Button "Wait -. Collect". This ye may accumulate multiple print jobs in PDFCreator and first merge the data to a PDF file at the end.

And with PDF files that works just as well as Microsoft Word files, images, web pages and everything else that can print Windows.

together PDFCreator PDFsWith the PDFCreator also multiple PDF files can be merged

In summary, it works like this:

  1. You open all desired PDF files in the correct order with a PDF reader.
  2. Then you start printing and selected as the printer PDFCreator.
  3. If the first file you click not to "save" but to "wait-collecting".
  4. Now you send the other PDF data to the printer.
  5. When you're done, you press the Ctrl + A For "All together". This menu option will find it in the "Document" menu.

And immediately PDFCreator lists all files together into one. Only now you click on to save, forgive a name and could you all your Merge PDF files into one, without a special tool to install.


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