Msvcp71.dll missing – There is the solution

With so many different PC system it is inevitable that mistakes occur in certain configurations. So it may be that you will get the error message at the start of a program that the file "msvcp71.dll missing". Find out here what you can do about this problem.

Msvcp71.dll missing - There is the solution

The system reports that the "msvcp71.dll" is missing, if you want to start a program. Often you can the message by clicking on "Ok" confirm and the program proceeds flawlessly on. Nevertheless, the permanent message is annoying and can also lead to the application not working properly.

msvcp71-dll error

msvcp71.dll missing &# 8211; This can you do

The file msvcp71.dll is part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library. Are you getting an error with it, the file was not properly installed, or has been damaged. For faults associated with the file, you can download them separately. Packs the file into the folder Windows / System32, btw. Windows / SysWOW64 for 64-bit systems. In addition, the file must be registered nor on Windows. Opens this Windows Run function from the Start menu and give there the command "regsvr32 msvcp71.dll" (without the quotes). Alternatively, you can download the entire Microsoft .NET Framework and gain the file in the (re) installation.

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Msvcp71.dll: eliminate error message

If the increase the dll error on your computer, you should consider themself the system to get rid of corrupt files and programs like that. It is also possible that your hard disk is defective and can not be read correctly so certain files. To check if the HDD is still working properly, you will find a diagnostic tool by the drive manufacturer generally. Also on the CD / DVD drive, it could be that the file msvcp71.dll can not be installed properly. Try here to install the affected application on another drive new.

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