South Park Season 21 – Episode 7 Today “Doubling Down” – TV broadcast, streaming & amp; Episode list

Although the now 21 season of "South Park" does not want Deut but certainly be something apolitical "politically correct" again. Actually, the new episodes should start in August already, on September 14, the time has come. All about South Park Season 21, we summarize for you at this point.

South Park: Season 21 in Stream & TV

Three weeks longer than planned to South Park fans had to wait. A day after the US premiere on September 14, the cult series starts with the episode "White People Renovating Houses" in this country in the now 21 squadron. The new episodes are always Thursdays from 22:55 on Comedy Central seen in the OV (see also the episode list). If you missed an episode, the current episode can stream on the official site of South Park the following day.

Episode list

resultGerman titleoriginal titleOriginal (D)
1 (278)White renovate housesWhite People Renovating Houses14/9/17
2 (279)Put it awayPut It Down21/9/17
3 (280)holiday specialHoliday Special28/9/17
4 (281)franchise prequelfranchise prequel10/12/17
5 (282)Hummel figurines & heroinHummels & heroin10/19/17
6 (283)TBASons A Witches26/10/17
7 (284)TBADoubling down11/9/17
8 (285)TBATBA11/16/17
9 (286)TBATBA30/11/17
10 (287)TBATBA12/7/17

South Park: Season 21 without Donald Trump jokes?

The 20th season of South Park had the US election and its result as an overarching theme. As series creator Trey Parker reveals in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, but he would rather return to the classic South Park regimen:

This season I want to go back there, can that Cartman dresses up as robots and Butters kidding, because that is for me the Haupaspekt South Park: children are the children and do silly and outrageous things

9307South Park We`ve been there

Overall, the rewriting and the realignment was not just fun for the crew behind South Park, also because the 20th squadron was directed to a victory of Hillary Clinton. But with the major focus on Trump, South Park was suddenly declared almost a satirical news show, like Parker:

We have fallen into the same trap that even Saturday Night Live has fallen where it was said: Dude, we're going to CNN. We will Switches, to see what we say about Trump. 'Matt and I hated that, but we're kind of stuck in it.

Parker is well aware that this they could lose viewers, but he will apparently prefer to carry on South Park as he and Matt Stone see fit and - also as in the past twenty years - not indulge in the pressure of the mass :

We could certainly put up billboards, 'Look what we do next week with Trump' and thereby get incredible ratings. But that just does not interest me.

Mr. Garrison Trump incarnation will probably not matter much in Season 21 // play © South Park / Comedy CentralMr. Garrison Trump incarnation will probably not matter much in Season 21 // play © South Park / Comedy Central

South Park hedged until 2019

Although Matt and Trey wanted to draw a line under South Park quite a few times, the two series creators have yet to heave repeatedly ideas the series to the next level. South Park fans in any case do not have to worry about the next three years and seasons, these are in fact safe already planned during Comedy Central.

Are you looking forward to the 21st season of South Park? What do you expect from the new season and how can Matt and Trey still improve the show? Send us your thoughts, opinions and ideas in the comments.

Image Sources: Comedy Central, South Park Digital Studios


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