Your own logo online and create free: The 5 Best Websites

logo generators-freeFreelancers, small businesses and individuals who need a logo or would like to have one do not necessarily have to spend money for it. On the Internet there are now some offers that grab you absolutely free when you create your logo under the arms. The quality is impressive for the most part. We tell you which pages offer free logo designs and what they can.

6 providers, we have scrutinized and tested. For the test, each was a logo for the imagination firm &# 8220; Metropea&# 8221; created. we make the best result each from next to the supplier's description and should show you what you can expect from the free logo generator. If you need inspiration, just look over at logopond. By the way, for any of the logos we needed more than 5 minutes. Are you satisfied with your logo and want it can commercially exploit, can protect their logo.

Great logo for free create online on these websites

vista print logo-v31. VistaPrint logo (without registration)
Especially for people who have no experience in designing logos, it is recommended the offer from Vistaprint *Your own logo online and create free: The 5 Best Websites. On most comfortable way you develop your logo and you will automatically variations and harmonious color combinations proposed. The ease of use and the availability of graphical elements is absolutely convincing. is convenient that you can instantly business cards, bags, mouse pads and more printed with your customized logo. That Vistaprint allows storing the logo is not free, the only minus point.

logo-logoease12. Logoease (free registration)
In Logoease you need to register only for free. In your account, you can then save up to 10 designs and send them by e-mail to friends for discussion. For your logo design you are illustrative elements in 26 categories and 16 fonts to choose from. The only weak point of Logoease is my view Quality of fonts, because hardly classic types are lower. Logoease attacks due to licensing issues exclusively on Free Fonts back and these are sometimes not very balanced. A big advantage is again that you the logo in all major file formats, can download (300 dpi printing and 120 dpi for the Web) so EPS, TIFF, JPG and PNG, and two standard resolutions.

online logo maker-logo13. Online Logo Maker (without registration)
Online Logo Maker is completely free and requires no registration. The illustrations present in the Online Logo Maker are, mostly very modern and the signature offer is limited to web fonts. The disadvantage is that you the logo only in low resolution can and save as PNG and download. Unfortunately, the logo generator of Online Logo Maker can not directly call it. Scroll the page down and click the link &# 8220; LogoMaker&# 8221 ;.

logo maker logo4. Logo Maker (subject to registration)
The selection of illustrations and fonts is slightly better at LogoMaker than Logoease. You have a choice of 10,000 graphics and 20 fonts. However, the illustrations used are Rights and you incur charges if you want to download the logo for printed documents. On free WebLogo but receive you in any case. It is important when using the free logo on the Web that you einbindest the exact code of Logo Maker on your web site.

Creatr-web-2-0-logo5. Creatr (get started right away without registration)
With Creatr you create in no time at typical Web 2.0 Logos &# 8211; with or without &# 8220; beta&-Badge; #. 8221 Of the mirror effect your signature is added automatically. However, the range of logo-types is quite limited and your design possibilities when Creatr there are also. Have you developed your dream logo, you can do it right-click Save the displayed image. For that you get then the web-ready logo absolutely free.

Logaster logo6. Logaster (subject to registration)
With Logaster can you Logos and business records can automatically create, with you, the service proposes more than 100 variants, can be downloaded for free in low resolution and with watermark you you after registration. To download the Logos in high resolution Fees are due.


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