Windows 10: & quot; Hey Cortana & quot; Enable – Here’s how

You can also use your voice to Cortana open "Hey Cortana" if you use a microphone. We show how her for setting Cortana right.

Cortana can also call comfortably without a key and without a mouse, with the voice command in Windows 10 &# 8220; Hey Cortana&# 8221 ;. but you need an integrated or microphone connected to your PC.

If Cortana is still disabled when you stop by here first: Cortana enabled in Windows 10th

Enable "Hey Cortana": Windows 10

  1. Clicks the Cortana search box, and then click the gear icon.
  2. Sets up the switch at Hey Cortana on On.
  3. Confirmed the message by For sure, if Cortana asks.
Here you activate the

In later Windows 10 builds up Cortana can activate this:

In the Windows Settings her
  1. Presses the key combination Windows + i, to open the settings and clicks the button Cortana.
  2. In the menu item talk to Cortana switches its switch at a Cortana intended to "Hey Cortana" react.


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  • With Cortana PC boot up your voice

Enable "Hey Cortana," Android

  1. Opens Cortana, tapping the top left of the Settings menu.
  2. selects settings out.
  3. Set in a tick Hey Cortana, to activate the function.
Cortana for Android: This is where the function and lets quot; Hey Cortana & quot; activate.

If you have now opened the app Cortana or the screen is unlocked, can you "Hey Cortana" say and Cortana logs and waiting for your question or command, such as:

  • &# 8220; calls on Peter!&# 8221;
  • &# 8220; What am I doing on the weekend?&# 8221;
  • &# 8220; Create a new appointment in my calendar for Saturday!&# 8221;


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