Instructions: Calculate the average speed – how it’s done!

Generally, it's not a big deal to calculate an average speed, long distance and travel time are known. But what if you made breaks? Here the explanation!

Instructions: Calculate the average speed - so is's gemacht!

&# 8220; There are 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full tank ...&# 8221 ;. When the Blues Brothers need in a major motion picture for this 106 miles 50 minutes, then they drive too fast. But how can you calculate from the average speed?

Calculate Average speed: The formula

The term average speed is already assuming that you have different speeds during his journey. Maybe you go first in the city 50 km / h or even partially, only 30 km / h. Later &# 8211; on the highway &# 8211; you can sometimes speed up to 180 km / h. If you want to make it complicated, then they pull all legs at each speed zoom &# 8211; but this is unnecessary!

Some board computer can even calculate the average speed and show themSome board computer can even calculate the average speed and show them

 The average speed is the result of a division. It is the quotient of distance and time. Or simply put:

If you divide the distance traveled by the time taken to obtain the average speed.

So you need for a distance of 100 kilometers an hour, then the average speed is 100 km / h. And it does not matter whether one is driven initially 50 and later 150. It counts in the end, the relationship between distance and time. you need for 100 km only 30 minutes, then the calculation is

100 km / 0.5 h. = 200 km / h

In general, we can calculate the average speed, by applying the following formula thus:

Dia calculate formulaThis means that the average speed is equal to distance divided by time.

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calculate average speed: If there is to be exactly

In calculating the average speed is often simplest formula takes Tues. Dividing distance traveled by the travel time. But if you made a half-hour break during a five-hour drive, is actually the calculated average speed incorrect. Because the actual travel time not was yes 5 hours but only 4.5 hours. The five hours are only the travel time &# 8211; not drive away.

So if you want to know, you have to stop the breaks during the journey and after pulling it from the travel time in that situation already. Hence the correct travel time through which the route is then finally divided.

A little explanation to initiate

When the Blues Brothers, the 106 miles are driven in 50 minutes, then they were too fast in any case. Most speed limit in the US is between 70 and 80 mph.

If they are driven the route in 50 minutes is the calculation

V = 106 miles / 0.8333 hours (as 50 minutes correspond to about 0.83-infinity hours.)

We can then calculate an average speed for the route, which is about 127.7 m / h. That's over 205 km / h &# 8211; and does not itself create the blues mobile!

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