Dark Souls 3: explains attributes – all the states in detail

Dark Souls 3 is with all its attributes and status values, a washing true roleplaying and leaves you a lot of freedom when designing your character. But how many values ​​have an impact on your heroes and what effect points for each attribute exactly? We give you an overview of all attributes and explain to you what they mean.

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In our beginners tips to Dark Souls 3 we have already given you support for the most important aspects of the game. In this special, we tell you what it with the Attributes and status values role-play is all about accurate.

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Dark Souls 3: Attributes &# 8211; so they act off

Your character is defined by in Dark Souls 3 9 attributes, the can you improve by level rises by souls. Each Level gives you a point that you can freely distribute to the attributes. As the number of required souls to rise increases with each additional time choosing the right attributes is very important. However, you your stats at a later point in the game can also reset and redistribute points. A Verskillen can be worked out.

At character creation you choose from 10 Start classes, which already have different levels and to different extents have distinct attributes. More you read in the Guide to the classes and burial gifts in Dark Souls. 3

The attributes have the following effect on your characters from:

  • Vitality: Determines the level of your Hit Points (TP). Thus the red bar is meant by your life energy. In addition, Vitality also determines how high your Resistance to cold damage is.
  • Sorcery: Determines the level of your Skill points (FP). That is, the blue bar, which empties during use of spells and the use of weapons arts. In addition, the value also determines the Number your magic slots. The more you have here, the more magic you can equip the same time.
  • Condition: Determines the level of your endurance. This is represented by the green bar in the game. Endurance is one of the most important attributes that are important for each class and style of play. In addition, condition determines your Resistance to shock damage and bleeding.
  • resilience: Determines the level of your load. The higher your load, the more full you can move with more luggage. From the strength and scale of your armor, this results in a weight ratio in percent, can determine how quickly you move you and roll. In addition, your capacity increases physical defense and Poison Resistance.
  • Strength: Determines your ability to carry heavy weapons like big swords and axes in battle. In addition, strength increases your attack power and the fire resistance.
  • Skill: Determines your ability to perform complex weapons such as swords and spears. In addition, skill increases your attack power, reduces fall damage and reduces the Time to cast spells.
  • Intelligence: Determines your ability Witches and magic fire to act. In addition, the Intensity and amount of damage by magic affected by this attribute.
  • Faith: Determines your ability Miracles and Magic Fire to act. In addition, the Intensity and amount of damage by magic affected by this attribute. Faith also appointed your Resistance to magic and dark magic.
  • Happiness: Determines the level of your Finder happiness (Itemfind). Thus, so your chance is increased, to find items for defeated enemies. In addition, the effect of rises Poison and Bleed effects, inflicting her enemies with your attacks. Finally, happiness increases your Resistance to curses.

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If you have collected enough souls and want to move up in the fire in the fire guardian band shrine in the level, you see more directly how more points affect in an attribute on your status values. This is illustrated by the blue highlighting the font.

Through the blue colors you see exactly where a value at Level changed.Through the blue colors you see exactly where a value at Level changed.

Status values ​​of weapons

In addition to the attributes, there are other interesting status values ​​of weapons that should keep their eye on. This includes:

  • Categories of weapons: Each weapon can be found, belongs to a certain category of weapons. Weapons of the same type have similar characteristics it and favor a particular style of play. So you can strike with sword in quick succession while you can dish out slow but powerful blows with ultra-large swords.
  • Types of physical damage: Under the category of weapons you see the physical damage type and with any weapon. So there are about Impact, cutting and thrust weapons, which in turn also has its own Move-Set bring. These are the different punch combos that you can run it with a weapon.
  • Skill types: This is the new weapons arts 3. in Dark Souls Each weapon has its own Fertigkeitenart that you can activate it and you skill points (FP) costs. These can be certain gun nests out of which can perform their powerful attacks or spectacular combos.
  • FP cost: How much Skill points (Mana / blue bar) a weapons art consumed is displayed you here. The number on the left shows in brackets how high your skills points and the number are the right number of FP to trigger weapons arts necessary.
The weapons art of leg unleashed a wild combo.The weapons art of leg unleashed a wild combo.

For weapon

In addition to the different values ​​for attack power, elemental bonuses and mitigation each weapon has additional effects and attribute bonuses, which are as follows:

  • Strength of the circulation effect: Here are a number based on how high the bleeding effect of a weapon. This is increased especially with katanas and ensures that enemies suffer bleeding in enough punches.
  • Strength of the poison effect: Weapons with poison effect fill the poison bar of the enemy when attacking. Is this filled, the poison effect is triggered and the target takes damage over time.
  • Strength of the cold effect: Weapons chill effect ensure on targets for frostbite. This directly affects the endurance, which then regenerated much more slowly for the duration of the effect.

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Scaling of weapons

The Scaling of weapons plays a major role in Dark Souls 3 because it has huge impact on your actual damages. Many weapons have attribute bonuses depending increase attack power, if you have a particularly large number of points in the attribute. This attribute bonuses in different strong characteristics. In ascending order, they are in the letter D, C, B, A, and S shown, where S is the highest possible attribute bonus.


Example: On Katana has an attribute bonus D starch and C on skill. This means that the damage with this weapon from a higher strength value and skill-value eurerseits benefits, which is reflected in the attack power. Since C is a better bonus than D, skill is also more important than strength in Katana.

There are also weapons that have the attribute bonuses on intelligence and faith.

Other important status values

  • Attitude: Each sign and each weapon has a Entertainment Whot. This shows you the defensive posture in defending with the respective equipment. The higher the value, the less stamina consumed her when blocking of attacks.
  • Balance: Your balance value is derived from the attribute values ​​and entertainment values ​​of the applied equipment. It determines the Maintaining your Fighting Stance the area of ​​attacks.
  • Bleeding resistance: The higher this value is with you, the longer your resistance bar against bleeding. Height condition and equipment with bleeding resistance help you there. If the bleed effect triggered, you will be immediately removed a large portion TP.
  • Poison Resistance: The higher this value is with you, the longer your resistance bar to poison. Height load-bearing capacity and equipment with Poison Resistance help you there. If the toxic effect triggered, you lose TP over time.
  • Cold resistance: The higher this value is with you, the longer your resistance to cold bar. Height vitality and equipment with Kälteresistenz help you there. If the chill effect is triggered, your stamina regenerates only very slowly.
  • Curse resistance: The higher this value is with you, the longer your resistance bar against curses. high happiness and equipment with resistance curse help you there. Is the curse effect triggered, you die immediately.
We have not been paying attention and suffer frostbite. The stamina regeneration now has to suffer.We have not been paying attention and suffer frostbite. The stamina regeneration now has to suffer.

With us you read and how you can find early in the game a shield with 100% damage reduction and as you can quickly find the uchigatana.

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