PlayStation 4: why Sony’s current console is not backward compatible

Sony's marketing boss believes no one wanted to play more old games. While backward compatibility is one of the features that want the most from the PlayStation 4th

9187PlayStation Plus in JuneUnlike the Xbox One and the original PS3 models, the PlayStation 4 does not provide backward compatibility. Compared to the time said Jim Ryan, the global head of marketing at Sony: "When we try around with backward compatibility, we came to the conclusion. that the feature is indeed often required, but rarely used. Besides, I recently visited a Gran Tourismo event where the games of the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 were available. This looked very old from, who wants to play such a thing? "

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That still have old game a lot of fans, demonstrated not least by the positive PR that Microsoft could einheimsen by the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One. The Virtual Console Wii and Wii U as well as the upcoming Classic Game Selection of the switch are a selling point for Nintendo. Corresponding outrage solvent Ryan's comment also on Twitter.

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That PlayStation 3 title is not readily compatible, due to the different types of hardware is still evident. In addition, Sony HD remakes offers to some popular PS3-exclusive titles like The Last of Us or Heavy Rain. An emulation of PS1 and PS2 titles, however, should technically not be a barrier. Instead resources to put into the development of an emulator that could play all your old PlayStation titles, Sony has instead prefer decided you old PlayStation titles like GTA San Andreas, which you already have, if possible, on the PlayStation Store for 15 euros to sell again.


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