Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 – Differences from

Meanwhile, there is the Raspberry Pi 3, the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Pi 1. We show the hardware differences of the three single-board computer and compare among other CPU, RAM, connections, WiFi and Bluetooth components, and compatibility, size, price and features ,

The Raspberry Pi 3 has more hardware and is supposed to be 50 percent faster than the Pi 2. Source: raspberrypi.org

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Tip: A comparison of the operating systems by the Raspberry Pi are in the article: Raspberry-Pi operating systems: These are available for Pi 1, 2 and 3 (comparative).

Raspberry Pi 3 vs. Raspberry Pi 2 vs. Raspberry Pi 1 Differences from

For the differences of the Raspberry Pi, we compare the models Raspberry PI3 Model B Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B +. The hardware improvements are not as high as a how that some would have liked, but the Raspberry Pi 3 provides for the same price the following significant advantages.

Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1: Hardware and Features

The Raspberry Pi 3 has supported a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor of the now 64-bit; Thus, in comparison with the Raspberry Pi 2 a jump by 4 x 300 MHz. The first Raspberry Pi has only one Singelcore 700 MHz here. The memory remains the same during Pi 3 with 1 GB. When Raspberry Pi 1 is only 512 MB of RAM.

The graphics architecture has risen from ARM1176JZF-S (Pi 1) Cortex-A7 (Pi 2) Cortex-A53 (Pi 3). The connections have remained the same for all generations: 4x USB 2.0, 1x Ethernet port for the network, 1x HDMI (full-size) and 1 x microSD.

Raspberry Pi 3 *
Model B *
Raspberry Pi 2 *Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 - Differences from
Model B *Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 - Differences from
Raspberry Pi 1 *Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 - Differences from
Model B + *Raspberry Pi 3 vs. 2 vs. 1 - Differences from
Raspberry Pi 3 model B*Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1*Raspberry Pi + 1 model B*
Processor (CPU)Broadcom BCM2837
4 x 1.2 GHz (64-bit)
Broadcom BCM2836
4 x 900 MHz
Broadcom BCM2835
1 x 700 MHz
Random Access Memory (RAM)1 GB SDRAM1 GB SDRAM512 MB SDRAM
Graphics (GPU)Cortex-A53Cortex-A7ARM1176JZF-S
USB ports4x USB 2.04x USB 2.04x USB 2.0
Ethernet, HDMI, microSD1x, 1x, 1x1x, 1x, 1x1x, 1x, 1x
WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS802.11n&# 8212;&# 8212;
BluetoothBluetooth 4.1&# 8212;&# 8212;
compatibilityPi to 2 and 1To Pi 1&# 8212;
Operating System SupportGNU / Linux, BSD, Plan 9, RISC OS, Windows 10 IoT CoreGNU / Linux, BSD, Plan 9, RISC OS, Windows 10 IoT CoreGNU / Linux, BSD, Plan 9, RISC OS
Dimensions86 x 56 x 21 mm86 x 56 x 21 mm86 x 56 x 21 mm
price~ 42 to 52 euros~ 38 €~ 32 €
buy now* buy now* buy now*

One of the great innovations: The Raspberry Pi 3 is factory-fitted with Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.1. In the previous models, there was not that. Wireless module for Raspberry Pi 2 and 1 had to be retrofitted if required: Raspberry Pi wireless set up - how it works.

The Raspberry Pi 3 supports not only the familiar Linux operating systems continue to Windows 10 also IoT Core, also read this: install Windows 10 - Here: Raspberry Pi 2&# 8217; s.

By the way: The Raspberry Pi 3 should be about 1.5x faster with its hardware upgrade than the Raspberry Pi 2. Compared to the first Pi he should even be 10x as fast.

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Raspberry Pi 3 compatibility with predecessors

The Raspberry Pi 3 is compatible with the old Pi-2 enclosures and HATs.

Compatibility with Raspberry Pi 2 and 1 was important to the developers: The design of the Raspberry Pi 3 has not changed. The board of the 3p is of dimensions 86 mm x 56 mm x 21 mm as large as in the Series 2 and the holes for fastening are located at the same position. This means you can case and HATs (hardware attached on top) continue to use for the new Pi.

Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and 1: price and availability in Germany

The Raspberry Pi 3 as its predecessor cost $ 35. In Germany you can buy it for example around 42 euros at rasppishop.de. * It is listed for just under 52 euros on Amazon. By comparison, the Raspberry Pi 2 has settled on Amazon at 38 euros; the Raspberry Pi 1, however, is available for about 32 euros. On the website Computeruniverse * there is the Pi 3 for around 50 euros.


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