Image search: 4 Alternatives to Google’s image search engine

Google Image Search is a powerful tool, which is probably enough for most people in everyday use. But sometimes it pays to look outside the box. In this guide we show you alternative images search engines and their benefits.

Image search: 4 Alternatives to Google's image search engine

Anonymous image search with Ixquick

Anyone looking for a sensitive topic, or simply do not want to disclose its image search, you can now use Ixquick. The search for images also runs under Ixquick very simple from: You give the desired term or refine your search with the search of enlargement. Here you can for multiple words, look for an exact phrase or without certain words.

search anonymously images IxquickIn search preferences Ixquick you can also set whether your searches to filter the servers from which the results will come and much more. Most of the pictures (and associated websites) you can then choose to you anonymously through the Ixquick proxy.

Ixquick SearchdownloadQR codeIxquick SearchDeveloper: Start Page BV *Price: Free Ixquick Private SearchdownloadQR codeIxquick Private SearchDeveloper: Start Page *Price: Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

The free media Search &# 8211; Wikimedia

Free Image Search Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons is in the sense not really a picture search engine, yet here you can find a lot of recyclable material. Wikimedia is a media collection of public domain and freely-licensed content. Here you can find images, animations, audio and video files.

From the surface, similar to Wikimedia &# 8211; as the name suggests &# 8211; the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. In the search functions you must first purely Peeve, intuitively is something else. For this, you can watch the free reuse under the Creative Commons license shared images (provided the source of course).

Child righteous Images with Picsearch

Family Filter PicsearchThe functions of Picsearch are kept relatively simple at first glance, but the image search scores with the presentation. Who does not want to look absolutely by date or size pixel-perfect pictures, get here anyway good results. In addition, you can search for available with the enhanced search for animations.

but the great advantage of Picsearch is the strong family filter. So violence and objectionable content will be well filtered so that Picsearch offers especially for the family computer.

The reverse Bildersuchmaschien &# 8211; TinEye

Unlike the other search engines presented here the reverse image search does not throw TinEye you the prettiest floral motifs and pictures of kittens from, if ye do eingebt in the search box. Reverse image search engine TinEyeTinEye can upload you own pictures or search with a particular image URL for our origins and pages that have also used this or optical very similar images.

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