Skate 4: New hope for skateboard fans

Fans of the Skate series must stay calm now. After years of silence, there is indeed a new indication of a possible successor of the now 6 year old Skate 3, but unfortunately falls from very small.

2003Skate 3 - Launch Trailer

With hopes surrounding a new part of the Skate series, many fans have probably already been completed. After a long time there now but again an indication that can boil the rumor mill. Daniel Lingen, senior manager at Electronic Arts published a tweet, playing with the feelings of skating fans:


A single hashtag &# 8211; not more. Neither the tweet by EA was commented or deleted. In May 2016 EA had made clear via Twitter that no new skate is at this point in development:  

Whether Daniel Lingen only a fun allowed or it actually serves a teaser for an early announcement of Skate 4 remains to be seen.


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