Cinema Cast app: Free download for Android and Chrome Cast: Is this legal?

Cinema Cast is an app for the Android operating system and Chrome Cast devices called with can you free all play movies that you've previously downloaded ye stream at Which is known not allowed &# 8211; Therefore, of course, also raises the question: Is Cinema Cast legal? And what can happen if ye who nevertheless a film about &# 8220; Kinox App&# 8221; anseht? Here you learn the answers.

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331897Film Streams on the Internet: What is legal? When threatened with a warning? GIGA clarifies despite the dubious legal status of any of the most popular and best-known streaming portals in Germany. Formerly under the name known operators attached to the temporary closure of the domain just behind a &# 8220; x&# 8221; off the name. Since then, further streamed strong, of course, all in violation of copyrights. To make the illegal streaming of fun even more comfortable, there are now even has its own app for Android and Chrome Cast devices: Cinema Cast.

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Cinema Cast: Download the app for Android and Chromecast

With the movie cast download you get effectively a mobile-friendly user interface, the gets her access to the Kinox page. Just who regularly surfs and tries to stream movies on a mobile device, will find that the site is rather designed for use on the desktop. This is where the movie Cast app provides a remedy &# 8211; about the features include:

  • Search text box with automatic proposals allowing faster.
  • Sort app categories to find the latest movies and series
  • Supports for DivxStage, NowVideo,, Sockshare and Stream Cloud

Cinema Cast runs as Android client on every smartphone and tablet with Android OS, the app also works with Chromecast devices. Because of the dubious legal status of (see next section), do not you think cinema Cast for Android in the official PlayStore by Google. If you want to bring you the app, you have to google for the movie Cast APK and install the APK file on your smartphone. Generally, we can only advise against, because such files are contaminated in many cases with malware &# 8211; apart from that you should streaming portals such Kinox and Co. But anyways stay away because their is committing copyright infringement.

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Is Cinema Cast legal? What happens if one uses the streaming app?

Whether the use of cinema cast is legal or illegal, can not be a flat rate with a yes or no answer &# 8211; the fact that its the app is not in &# 8220; official&# 8221; Download stores found, but should get you to think about already. Streaming providers like Kinox exist because the films and series are not hosted directly on the page, but can only be linked to. Some vendors, such as even claim that they had nothing to do with offering the streams.

But the fact is that anyone who looks to films about Koncast, Kinox and Co commits effectively (though not legally) a Copyright infringement. So far no cases have been reported in which people were prosecuted due to the use of cinema Cast or Kinox &# 8211; this is connected with the fact that it stores in a stream the film temporarily on his hard drive. A copyright is legal but only present when you create a copy of the work and that does not happen at and Co. up. Exactly therefore we also speak of a legal gray area &# 8211; whether this state remains in the future, however, is not clear: It is possible that at some point a stream about cinema cast is prosecuted.

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Regardless of possible legal consequences, you should look around you for legal alternatives and avoid apps like movie cast. Netflix, Amazon Video * and max cathedrals have an excellent range of current series, high-quality productions like Goliath and cinema blockbusters in top quality. Unlike the movie Cast app you get here best possible HD quality, you can without annoying commercials stream and have to do not worry about malware and subscription traps &# 8211; the whole there is a very fair price.

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