“Delivery free curbside”: What does that mean?

Almost every German has ever ordered something online. While small items easily fit in the mailbox or find space in a packing station, it looks at furniture or white goods different. Often here at the delivery "free curbside" specified.

Find out here what can be meant by these terms.

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"Delivery free curbside" Orders

If a consignment is delivered "free curb", it means that the transport company or the supplier may take the appropriate program on the roadside. So the delivered goods must not be brought up to your front door or even in your home. As a buyer, you've got to take care of it, therefore, that it the ordered items from the "curb", ie from the side of the road, get into your apartment.

  • With a delivery of the goods "free curb" the goods simply to be unloaded from the vehicle, but not further carried into the home or business premises.
  • Delivery is therefore up to the Curb or sidewalk the delivery address specified in the purchase agreement.
  • In general, the shipping agent about the time of delivery information, so you can make as a buyer in advance for organizing enough people for further transport of the goods.


Typically, this type of delivery for large, bulky and difficult to transport objects is specified.

Advice about:

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"Free delivery curb" What is that?

A pick-up can take place "free curb." The freight forwarder so do not collect the goods from the apartment from, but laid the article from the street into delivery vehicle. In parallel, there is the delivery "Point of use". Here the carrier must transport the goods to a desired location, transporting heavy objects ie approximately over several floors.

According to a judgment of 2010 is believed to the residential or office space from a legal delivery if it were given no information about other delivery, such as the delivery "free curbside" in the purchase agreement.

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