Amazon Prime give – is that possible?

About Amazon Prime can receive video you access to a variety of shows and movies in the stream via the service Prime Instant. Additionally, there is the premium service Amazon month an eBook from the Kindle Lending Library and the faster and free premium shipping. Unless you know what you ought to give her birthday your uncle or colleagues, you unfortunately can only Umwege- membership in Amazon Prime away.

Amazon Prime give - is that possible?

While there is no direct way for the giving of Amazon Prime, with a small detour, however, you can have your loved ones and relatives present an Amazon Prime membership as a gift.

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Amazon Prime away with vouchers

The annual fee for the Prime service is 49 €. Will you therefore give Amazon Prime, you can hand over the presentee to an Amazon voucher. In the US, it is possible to pay the annual fee of Amazon Prime with Gutscheinenzu. Here the payment does not work in this way unfortunately. Also, a previously charged with the annual fee of 49 € prepaid credit card can not be used for the payment of Amazon Prime.

Will you give Amazon Prime, you will therefore not have much choice but that the user himself enters into a subscription and ye release the annual fee in another form, such. B. bar in a beautiful envelope or as an Amazon voucher that can be spent by the recipient for other goods from the range.

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For the Amazon vouchers are various options *Amazon Prime give - is that possible? to select.

  • If it is to go fast, you can get as a last minute gift for a coupon code by email. Once redeemed, the corresponding voucher amount is credited to the Amazon account.
  • Alternatively, you can also get a card with a motif to be printed along with coupon code.
  • Who has little time for giving, can receive Amazon gift certificate for Prime and Co. as vouchers with greeting card and optionally additionally with gift box.

amazon vouchers

Vouchers for amounts from 20 to 500 euros can be selected. In order to give a one-year Amazon Prime membership, you must order a voucher of 49 €. At the same time you should refer to the instructions for Prime Announce Amazon if the donee unexpectedly can not do anything with the service and 49 € for the second year would not pay.

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So you can give Amazon Prime

In the US, you are already one step further. There is the possibility to buy an Amazon Prime membership for friends and family for end-2013. About the respective action page only the new prime customer e-mail address and a preferred date for the release of the gift of Amazon Prime access must be specified.


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