WinRAR: Fix CRC Error – Solutions

As you wait patiently until a file has downloaded after a long time, this file would unpack WinRAR displays a CRC error. The file can thus not unpack and the content is reported as damaged. The entire downloaded archive is therefore unusable.

WinRAR: Fix CRC Error - Solutions

But what this CRC error at all? And the contents of an archive actually lost when WinRAR reports a CRC error? Here, descriptions and solutions for the CRC error in WinRAR find.

WinRAR CRC error

What is the WinRAR CRC error?

CRC stands for "Cyclic redundancy check"And describes a method which can determine values ​​of the test data. In WinRAR the CRC error occurs when errors occur in the control of checksums. This may be the case if the password for a protected archive was entered incorrectly, the file was downloaded faulty or WinRAR is in an old or damaged version on the hard drive. To rule out the latter, you should certainly go with a WinRAR download that the program is properly installed and in the current version. For the further treatment of CRC error, one should make sure that you are prepared also holds the correct password for the WinRAR file.

Turn off the WinRAR CRC error by settings.The

can be the problem with the password rule as a last resort remains a faulty RAR file as the cause of the CRC error. Here the errors on the one hand in the data transfer, z. B. caused the download or are already a corrupted file in source, So on the download server or on a broken, scratched CD available. If the CRC error on only one faulty data transmission, one can be able to download the archive one more time. It should be ensured that a reliable Internet connection is available.


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