Origin does not start: The can you do!

Besides Steam Origin is EA's now one of the major download and gaming platforms. is all the greater, of course, the trouble does not start the download manager and it is not playable the game to which one has been looking forward all day. What can you do if Origin does not start? We have all possibilities for you summarized.

Origin does not start: The can you do!

Origin does not start: The can you do!

As so often, a particular software problem different causes to have. So there is not a perfect solution. Therefore, it makes sense to go through the various possible causes in order to find a solution.

  • Sometimes the Origin client has problems with the resolution in Windows. Here it is recommended to reduce the resolution for a short time to see if this eliminates the problem. Click to the right on the blank desktop, select Screen resolution, and provides in the window that the resolution down a bit. If Origin now start again, you can increase it again to normal resolution. Origin should still work.origin-not start-
  • It may also be worthwhile to try to play around with the color depth. Click in the same window, click Advanced Settings, and finally on the tab Monitor and check out the color depth to and tried again whether Origin starts or not.origin-start-not2
  • Often helps a simple restart of the PC to eliminate the problem of the world.

On the subject: Steam does not start

  • is still the orange-colored Origin icon in the taskbar? Right click on it and then click My Games. Sometimes Origin starts then back to normal.
  • If the graphics card drivers up to date? If in doubt you should update this to verify that Origin start properly now: update graphics card drivers.
  • The last possibility Origin can also still uninstall and re-install- later than this path should fix the problem. But beware: All Games previously installed must then re-downloaded and installed. Scores also be lost if they were not stored in the Origin Cloud. To remove Origin, you open the Control Panel, click Programs uninstall Origin selects from the list of programs, and uninstalled it. After that you can simply install it again.


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