USB port: Colors & amp; Plug – meaning and explanation

If ever you notice that the USB plug and connectors themselves have different colors, not just the cable? What about the colors to the connectors on it? And what USB ports there, anyway?

USB port: Colors & amp; Plug - meaning and explanation

USB port is not the same USB port, this is not only because there are different USB ports and -Stecke, but also different colors to these terminals. We have the differences seen us take a closer look.

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USB ports &# 8211; different variants of the USB connector

USB 2 connector

With USB 2 are currently three versions in use:

USB2-aeveryone knows the ubiquitous USB-A connector of us. Each jack is USB-A port.USB2 bUSB Steckder Type B is nowadays mainly used yet for printers.USB2 micro-bUSB Micro-B connectors are mostly used for charging mobile devices.

In addition to these three main types of USB connectors, there are some other connection types, but unlikely to play a role.

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USB 3 ports

For USB 3 connectors remains the same, ports and jacks are here so at least mechanically compatible. On the subject: Is USB 3 compatible to USB 2? However, there are also two new USB connector:

USB 3-bThe new USB-3-B plug does not fit into old USB-B connectors.usb-3-micro-bThe new USB Micro-B plug does not fit into old Micro-B connectors.

New Port C

In August 2014 a new USB connector variant (type C) was introduced, which is on both sides inserted. More information on USB Type-C and USB 3.1 is available here: USB C: The both sides einstöpselbare USB 3.1 connection type in detail.


usb c

The color of the USB ports

But the USB ports not only have different forms, but also the plug itself different colors. But what do they mean?

  • Black or White Connection: USB 1 or USB 2
  • blue Connection: USB 3 (as in the article image and the image directly above)
  • Yellow, red or orange: High amperage or Sleep-and-Wake cable

The color assignments are not part of the USB specification and are not always strictly adhered to.

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USB: Pin assignment of connections

Here, too, USB2 and USB3 differ significantly. The pin assignment has been completely redesigned from USB 2 to USB. 3

USB connector pin assignment

In case you interested in how exactly the assignment of the lines, so the pinout looks, here is an illustrative graph of USB 2:

usb plug assignment

Statement: D + and D- are the data lines, + is the first power line (+ 5V) and &# 8211; the mass. There are so-called fast-charging cable *USB port: Colors & amp; Plug - meaning and explanation, these data lines are cut.

Pin assignment of USB 3

With USB 3 connector assignment is much more complex:

USB 3 connector assignment

The USB pinout is explained as follows:

  • Even with USB 3 there is a power line and a line for the ground (1 and 4)
  • 2 and 3 are responsible for the data.
  • Up to this point USB 3 corresponds exactly to USB second
  • 5-9 are new with respect to USB second You have the following functions:
  • 5 and 6 anyway 8 and 9 for the faster USB speed responsibility, which is possible with USB 3, so there are additional data lines.
  • 7 is an additional ground line for the signal lines

USB 3-pinout

17772USB Type-C: A new standard for power, data and display


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