Pokémon sun and moon: password list for all gifts

Gifts may know, each and that's why you get by entering passwords in Pokémon sun & Moon items in the form of mega stones, so you can not find the game you otherwise. Periodically, this new passwords will be published and we will show you how and where you need them to enter and give you a list of all serial codes previously released by the hand.

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All passwords that were previously for Pokémon sun & Moon published, bring you gifts in the form of mega-stones that gets her only exclusively through these codes. In game Mega Stones gets alternatively on the fight tree, the password stones can you you here does not earn.

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So give a their passwords

From the password entry to pick up the gift a few steps are necessary to you, not just pointing the game obviously. So you give a password in Pokémon sun & Moon one:

  1. Start the game and selects the point &Secret events; # 8220&# 8221; the menu after the startup screen.
  2. In the next menu now you have in a nutshell &# 8220; by production code / password received&# 8221; go.
  3. one of the passwords give here now (see below) and confirms the input, so that the gift will be sent to you.

Note! So that you can enter passwords at all, must have an Internet connection, otherwise it does not work. The passwords all can only be used once.

List of all passwords and Gifts

The following table can you all published passwords for Pokémon sun & moon remove. We also tell you that Mega Stones her for receive as a gift.

Update of 6 October 2017: A new password has been added to the table.

  • Taubossnit
  • Stahlosnit
  • Skarabornit
  • Hundemonit
  • Flunkifernit
  • Bibornit
  • Ohrdochnit
  • Meditalisnit
  • Mewtunit X
  • Mewtunit Y
  • Gewaldronit
  • Lohgocknit
  • Sumpexnit
  • Cameruptnit
  • Banetteonit
  • Despotarnit
  • Rexblisarnit
  • Voltensonit
  • Stollossnit
  • Guardevoirnit
  • Gala Glad Init
  • Schlapornit
  • Diancienit
  • latios
  • Latias
  • altaria
  • Ampharos

Now you wonder certainly where you can take delivery in the game you your gifts, because automatically shift the mega-stones are not in your inventory. For this you have to go to the supplier, who can be found in every Pokémon Center in the game. You will recognize him by his yellow-blue outfit, as you can see below on the picture.

passwords-gift-pick pokemon-sun-moon-The supplier before receiving in each Pokémon Center and has your gifts.

Note that the supplier is waiting only Pokémon Center on you, if he has gifts for you, otherwise you will not meet him there. Once more passwords for Pokémon sun and moon are known, we will expand the list accordingly.

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