Pokémon Sun & amp; Moon: Rome hack brings even professionals to sweat

In a revised version of Pokémon sun and moon you expect not only more challenging fights, but also plenty of monsters, which have not been out in the original on the road. However, the changes do not come from Nintendo.

1333954 short facts about Pokémon sun and moonRom hacks allow fan for a long time, even to intervene in the source code of their favorite games. Often it also arise completely new games such as Pokémon Uranium, however, Nintendo was set back due to legal concerns.

That we want for Pokémon Stars

With Nova Sun and Moon Umbra now the current island adventure from Nintendo received a makeover from Fan Hand. The Mod screwed especially at the level of difficulty. So wild Pokémon have significantly higher levels, coaches challenge you with a complete, six-person team to a fight and in the home stretch your proteges must have at least level 90 to win the game.

Here you can order Pokémon sun and moon*

Depending on the version you have also the opportunity to meet all the Pokémon in the wild, regardless of whether each was Monster part of the original game. Currently, the mod is available on gbatemp.net for download. Whether Nintendo will take legal action against this fan project is not yet known. In any case, according to Dio Modder Vento a genuine copy of Pokémon sun or moon to play is necessary.


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