Instagram Support: contact in case of problems

Instagram is one of the first points of contact when it comes to share their own photos with a large community online. If you have problems or questions about your account you have to contact you to Instagram support.

Find out here how to get in touch with the support of Instagram and what needs to be observed.

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Instagram Support: Is there a phone number?

The first point to say that the contact options for Instagram very limited are. Anyone hoping to be able to speak to a member of the social network for photo enthusiasts phone will be disappointed. A Telephone hotline is not s.

  • Otherwise the contact options are limited.
  • Provide it with an error or a problem Instagram firm, you will first refer to the FAQ section. Here are a few bug fixes, guides and more for popular Instagram problems. If something does not work for you, as desired, selected on the left side the "Login section & Troubleshooting ". Also, current issues such. B: Server Problems are listed here.
  • On Contact form or a support-mail address does not exist for Instagram.
  • Was your Instagram account hacked, there is a special feature for troubleshooting in the Support section.

Instagram Support: contact in case of problems

If your problem is not addressed in the FAQ section, you can also try to contact the person responsible for Instagram through channels on other social media. However, the social media team responds only sparse both on Facebook and on Twitter, on Facebook there for users no way to problems in a post or a private message to Instagram support.

  • Instagram on Facebook
  • Instagram to Twitter
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Instagram: contact support for issues and errors

So many people use Instagram in Germany:


Notes their problems or bugs in Instagram, you can use the built-in app reporting feature:

  1. Open the app and controls the settings for your profile.
  2. Selects the gear icon on the iPhone or the three points on the Android smartphone.
  3. This is where the button is to report a problem.
  4. Explained your problem that has emerged in the use of Instagram. Be as detailed as possible, but avoid offensive or angry formulations. A screenshot can help to make problems more quickly and resolve.


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