Write Interpretation: Tips and tricks for interpretation structure

Especially popular in the German language is the interpreting texts. Here, but rather with the teachers, because students make many a selected poem or text in front of a big puzzle. It's not that hard to write an interpretation. Whether Poetry analysis or interpretation of the text: In our guide, we show you what you should pay attention and that already facilitate the actual writing at a construction and interpretation right strategy.

Write Interpretation: Tips and tricks for interpretation structure

Write interpretation - Preparations

If you interpret a text or shall write a poem analysis, there is no single right answer to write an interpretation correct. It is important that it captures the intent of the author and the message of the text by you read between the parts. Tips that facilitate writing:

  • Take your time. Begins with the text thoroughly to read, maybe even several times.
  • underlines marked, makes you notes at prominent locations and Keyword For example, with highlighter. This is important, as their later your assertions should always occupy by specifying the text.
  • Behold your interpretation as a whole and creates a large thread Instead of a series of facts. Oriented you here at the end of your interpretation, the reference to your hypothesis.
  • For a successful construction of the interpretation of a short story, a different text or a poem her best advised to write to three sections back.

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The right structure when you write an interpretation

1 Introduction

The introduction is the interpretation structure in the first place. In your introduction you call:

  • author and title the work
  • Genre (Short story, poem other text)
  • literary epoch or Release Year
  • classification the present you passage in the body of work if possible (with text extracts)
  • A very short Summary the content (a more detailed summary follows in the body. Some teachers want only the mention of the issue in the introduction). Clarifies here based on the 5 W questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  • You can also include a first hypothesis imply
Plant enough time before writing the interpretation to read the text.Plant enough time before writing the interpretation to read the text.

2. Main part

If you write your interpretation, the main attention is given to the main part. Here you can elaborate on the content and structure of the text and study the language. First, following the Formal analysis of the outer text form.

  • If not already done, here is to your thesis.
  • What do you expect when reading the headline?
  • What is the formal structure which topics are addressed?
  • Plays the text in the present or in the past?
  • Narrative perspective: Which Ezählerform it? Narrator, personal narrator or omniscient (authorial) narrator?
  • Characterizes the main characters based on the passage
  • Which linguistic means are used? Used to use the rhetoric of clarity or the author wanted to emphasize something?

Here you come already in the actual interpretation and inner text form. Arranges the passage in the era of literature and then interprets the text excerpt. By emphasizing individual points, repetitions, the use of metaphors and other stylistic means the author pursued a purpose. What did the author say? What was his message and expects a text that which has promised the headline? Or is it contradictory?

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3. final

If you want to write an interpretation, you should pick up in the final your initial hypothesis: Has it been confirmed? Take position to the text, refers him to the present. Is it timeless and currently valid? What are the key elements speak for or against? Evaluates the poem or short story. Objectively justified what you found appealing and what is not.

Here are building an interpretation and advice again briefly summarized video for you:

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