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Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime =) is an integrated Adobe runtime environment, which should make it possible to merge Web and desktop applications platform-independent.

This means that the Adobe AIR Download can be operated under Windows, and Mac OS X and Linux. Applications developed for Adobe AIR, that run on all major operating systems. Among the advantages of this application is that the computer gets complete access to data, any data is exchanged with servers, applications can access resources on the local machine and of course that programmers can use almost any operating system through the high compatibility with an application. The disadvantage is that there is by the great openness also a certain vulnerability to attacks. However, the advantage is that the many tools that require an online connection with the Adobe AIR download can also be used offline as long as they work with AIR. The on-site Market Place Adobe provides an overview of the best of the numerous available AIR applications.

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR Download: Not only Adobe-proprietary applications available

Besides its own Adobe applications you can use with Adobe AIR and other applications. These include, for example, video compression, an application with which you can embed videos in WordPress better German law, an online encyclopedia of German law books and course applications or plug-ins for Photoshop by independent developers.

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