Xbox Live down: disorders and problems – Check current error

About the service Xbox Live you can Microsoft consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One connect to the Internet and as such. B. multiplayer games start or perform various streaming and multimedia features. Annoying it when Xbox Live is down is. For problems can no longer be accessed online services on the Microsoft consoles.

Xbox Live down: disorders and problems - Check current error

Again and again the news that Xbox Live is down pile. the online service works with you? Find out here how to determine whether Xbox Live is down and what you can do, the service should be displayed as offline. In the comments you can replace you when the Xbox Live login just does not work for you, or there are problems while playing online with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 console.

determine Xbox Live Status*

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So you can check whether Xbox Live is down

If the connection to Xbox Live with you do not work, we recommend a look at the official website for the Xbox Live status. Here you can find status information for the most important services of Microsoft's online offering. So you can determine at a glance whether Xbox Live is down, or whether an associated service currently has problems.

  • Social Media
  • Gaming
  • General Xbox Live services
  • TV, music and video
  • website
  • Apps

xbox-live-down status

There is a fault, it is reported here. In addition, you can see in the overview whether the Xbox Live error occurs only when the Xbox One, Xbox 360, or the same for both consoles. Current reports on &# 8220; Xbox Live down&# 8221; Twitter:

# Xbox live down tweets

Alternatively you take a look at the web site of Here Xbox owners can report when with them currently Xbox Live is down. Also, you can report problems with access to Xbox Live. So you get a general picture of whether the fault is present only when you, or is due to the entire service. Should there be a major disruption that such. B. Server work or even recycle a hacker attack, remains you no choice but to wait until the problem is resolved.


Xbox Live down? So you can check if Microsoft's service offline

About major disruption you will be informed in the Twitter account from Xbox One support. Here is found also usually equal to an indication of an expected duration, and any fault solutions in Xbox Live disorders.

Should you find signs on any of the portals that Xbox Live is down, there may be a fault in your Xbox. Provides update means that the firmware is up to date to ensure a smooth access to the Xbox servers. In addition, the Internet connection should be checked. Parallel played on a PC running downloads or via smartphone streams can cause the connection to Xbox Live can not be properly made. It often helps to start the Xbox once again. In addition, the router from the Internet and power should be disconnected. Wait a few seconds and connects the router back online. Ensures then again for a combination of Wi-Fi or cable and Xbox and tries to connect to the Xbox Live network.

Often have no other choice but to reset the Xbox, if any online connection more can be added.

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