Where is the Command key on a Mac and MacBook?

To use certain functions without a mouse, keyboard shortcuts can be used on Mac. Usually this pressing a letter key and a special key. A special key that is often used for this is the Command key.

But where actually is the Command key on the keyboard on your Mac or MacBook?

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Command is also called the Apple key or "Command" -Key

command key-macParticularly newcomers from Windows will probably can not do much with the expression without having the icon of the button in mind.

  • Command is on the left and right of the space bar on the Mac Tastatur.-
  • Printed ein quadrilateral with four circles at the corners.
  • Most still under the abbreviation "cmd" for "Command" or in German simply "command" on the button.
  • Colloquially, the key is often called "Apple key", "propeller", "clover leaf" or "cauliflower" button.
  • In early Mac versions also the famous Apple logo was printed on the key.
  • The Windows equivalent of the "Apple" key is the Windows key. Do you find so a description for a shortcut to the Mac in which the Command key must be used the Alt key uses on a Windows keyboard.


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Command key for Mac and MacBook keyboard shortcut

Elsewhere, we show you how to write high numbers on Mac and how the key combination to "Insert" on the Mac is.

The command button can be used inter alia to cut out ( "X"), Search ( "F") or hide ( "H"). Command is mostly used to operate various functions on the Mac. With the help of the special key MacOS can also be controlled completely without a mouse or Multi-Touch trackpad. Command is so for all the main tools that get their hands while using your Mac hard from the keyboard.


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