YouTube: LeFloid looks worried, but hopeful about the future

The video producer LeFloid has criticized such as a few weeks ago in a video on YouTube current developments little traceable advertising policies. In an interview he has, meanwhile, expressed concern over the apparently problematic course and brought his hope that the operators current mistakes and problems recognized in time.

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The popular video website YouTube is changing. With the recently introduced sponsorship program, the company now offers video producers better earning opportunities, but the recent controversy PewDiePie cared about for new explosive in the copyright debate in the field of Let&# 8217; s Plays. In one of his latest videos of German celebrity YouTuber Florian Mundt now has to a.k.a. LeFloid commented on the current negative developments on the video platform - including video deletions, obscure advertising policies and declining advertising revenue - and in an interview with Games industry talked about the future YouTubes.

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"I expect (&# 8230;) unfortunately sad consequences for Youtube sphere: News content will be blocked, while at the same time as sexist Kackscheiße &# 8216; Bitches clarify at Gamescom&8217; Place one in the YouTube Trends - it all fits back and forth not together, "said Mundt to the point that YouTube videos with" apparently increasingly excludes or critical "content from the monetization even completely blocked. "I consider the overall development of YouTube currently (&# 8230) with a mixture of worry and hope that those responsible quickly recognize in which direction fatal YouTube is set to control and therefore put on the brakes. "

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Mundt admits to have good contacts with YouTube Germany - the department to the said problem points but "hands be bound" because it apparently is about to advertising policies to developments "on an international basis".


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