Ryse 2: Successor comes only when the Xbox One sold better

The German development studio Crytek it was in the last weeks and months haywire. In an interview with our colleagues at Euro Gamer CEO Cevat Yerli told now that a successor to the Xbox One game Ryse was indeed planned, it will still be long in coming.

Ryse 2: Successor comes only when the Xbox One sold better

Just yesterday we reported that Crytek the Xbox One launch title "Ryse: Son of Rome" is implemented for the PC. An implementation for the PlayStation 4 is however not planned, according to Deep Silver. The title has been praised by many for its impressive graphics, but the high ratings of the trade press did not materialize due playful weaknesses.

Colleagues from Euro gamers of Crytek Cevat Yerli told now that the team already has a sequel to "Ryse: Son of Rome" has thought. Why the works have in mind but not yet started, would, according to the studio boss at the current sales figures of Xbox One. Crytek is namely not agree with the previous sales of the Microsoft console and want to wait and see until the installed hardware base has increased significantly.

Source: Euro Gamer


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