Heroes of the Storm: Falstad Guide – So you play the flying hammer thrower!

In Heroes of the Storm Falstad, the hammer throwing dwarf warrior from Blizzard's online role-playing game World of Warcraft is a fast and mobile damage dealer. We'll show you an effective build for the flying hammer thrower, wegbrutzelt with your enemies in Nuh.

Falstad is a dwarven gryphon riders from the universe of World of Warcraft, but already in the Warcraft strategy games came Gryphon Rider ago as an elite air forces. From the back of their impressive mounts of the Gryphon Rider hurled magical storm hammers in the best Thor-style by their enemies. therefore Falstad, the most famous of these heroes is particularly effective in Heroes of the Storm is to show the enemy where the rubber meets the road!

Heroes of the Storm: Falstad, the furious hammer Assassin!

Falstad is a typical hero of Assassin class. This means that it causes a lot of damage, but hardly what plugging. Does he have to not luck, because thanks to gripping Mount he is very fast and he throws his hammer at a distance, he is not necessarily in the vicinity of the enemy. Therefore Falstad is ideal for hit-and-run attacks on the battlefield.


And exactly such attacks continues our Falstad play, because we stay with the dwarf at a distance, we have further enhanced with "Power Throw". In addition, we have beefed up our standard attack with "Boomerang" so that we do with the exploding hammer even more damage. With "hinterland Blast" there's more distance damage and thanks Overdrive our attacks become even stronger. If we get out geballert everything we use "Epic Mount" and fuck off.

Falstad in brief:

Excellent RangedVulnerable in melee
Very fast and mobileLittle life points
Can cross obstaclesBig Mana consumption
Very high damage outputPuts forward good timing


Heroes of the Storm: Falstad build - So you level the Gryphon Rider

Thanks to the following skills you can build you a very powerful Assassin Falstad, the wegklatscht from a great distance enemies with a hammer. but beware that you are always close to the enemy away and uses your flight skills "Epic Mount" and "barrel roll" in time. is an article about the basics of Moba's also via the link above, and here you will find a list of all the animal heroes.


Flying Hammer thrower build for Falstad

Level 1Power ThrowLevel 13Thunder Strikes
Level 4charged UpLevel 16overdrive
Level 7BoomerangLevel 20Epic Mount
Level 10Hinterland Blast


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