HTC: New flagship model in October, One M10 from scratch

For HTC it looks economically still not too bright. In a statement, HTC Cher Wang boss has apologized for the modest results, but at the same time promised a realignment of the company. Besides a new top product in October, it announced a new design and innovations for 2016 appears, next model of the One series.

HTC: New flagship model in October, One M10 from scratch

There is no new news that the economic numbers from HTC others all look as well. In fact, the company plagued for several years with declining sales and the HTC One M9 could bring no improvement in this regard. Possible reasons for the recent failures are many, and the group itself manifests itself meanwhile about the predicament and looked even obliged to apologize to shareholders. Chairman and new corporate boss Cher Wang attributed the loss mainly of poor operational efficiency and announced a change in market strategy in the smartphone sector to.

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HTC One M10 from scratch?

This concerns in particular the flagship series of the company that has evolved only slightly in the eyes of some critics since the HTC One (M7). According to Wang, the next flagship smartphone will bring significant changes with it and also the composition of the product portfolio is to be improved. the chairman a bit pushes the poor performance compared to the competition on the lack of marketing budget: Supposedly give Apple and Samsung over twenty times as much on marketing their Proudkte from so HTC needs to make progress in this regard.

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No more commercials starring Robert Downey Jr.

2759HTC advertising with Robert Downey Jr.

That Samsung and Apple actually 20 times as much to invest in advertising such as HTC, however, is hard to believe: in 2013 it launched finally a rather bizarre advertising campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr., who reportedly said to have devoured 1 billion US dollars. Over time, however, the campaign with the Iron Man superstar fizzled, the contract is, according to the information provided by Wang also no longer extended. Instead, it will however continue with the - cooperate popular rock band Mayday - at least in Asia.

New flagship product in October &# 8211; may VR headset?

42151HTC Vive: tried virtual reality glasses

To get more impetus to bring into the economy, HTC will also bring in October a new "Hero Product" on the market. Whether this is a new smartphone, tablet or yet a completely different device, however, is not yet known. Another smartphone would be quite possible, after all, one has to the One M9 been a number of other high-end smartphones launched &# 8211; but exclusively in China. In any case, HTC hopes in the coming years with new product categories, such as in virtual reality sector to generate more than 10 percent of revenue. With the virtual reality goggles HTC Vive had already been presented at this year's MWC a very impressive product of this area; Perhaps HTC may gain a new niche for itself here.

Source: Tapei Times via Android Authority

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