Yello Strom contract notice – Here’s how

The right choice of electricity provider can save money. conclude contracts, is often easy. however, does not terminate in any case. Yello customers who want to terminate their contract, we show you how that works.

Yello Strom contract notice - Here's howSource: Yello Strom

Yello note current notice periods

Who wants to terminate his electricity provider, must be active in time. For the Yello electricity contract is not canceled six weeks before the expiry of the initial period of 12 months, the contract for another 12 Monate.Telefonanrufe extended the power company can save the cancellation request because a notice by Yello must be made in writing. The writing is satisfied if an e-mail or a letter to be sent. Who wants before the actual termination ask individual questions in customer service, can achieve this under 0221-99690123 Monday to Saturday from 6 to 22 PM.

Termination for move

Who moves, can not simply terminate his contract with Yello Strom. Yello is also available at the new residence, the contract will remain for now. One is obliged to inform the move Yello later than two weeks before the moving date. The notification may be made online. Log on Yello site in your personal space a. There you will find a contact form through which you can communicate your move. The Yello customer service will contact then in touch with you and clarify everything else with you. Yello is not available at the new residence, you can make use and terminate the contract for moving date by mail or letter from a special termination.

By the way, if you really want to re-sign a contract with Yello later, you can do so online with a few clicks.

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