Change Email Address – Find it: XING

In XING you can have a business and enter a private e-mail address will be sent to the well XING newsletter. We show in this guide, can such change her your email address in XING.

XING: Change email address - Here's

In XING you can specify a business and a private email address. The settings to change the email address, but found neither in the personal tab still under privacy. We show where you change the email address.

XING: Change email address - Here&# 8217; s

To change your email address in XING, you go folgendermaßenvor:

  1. Login you one on XING, if not already done.
  2. Click the top left of your profile picture.
  3. Right click on the logo details. The corresponding window opens.
  4. Click on the top tab private.
  5. Click in the box below email and type in the new email address.
  6. Finally click on the Save button.
XING: Here you can change their your email address.

Note: If you want to change your business email address in XING, you go above until, but not changes to the tab private, but remains on the Tab Business. There you will then also have the option to enter a different email address or delete it.

News and newsletters that you have subscribed to her on XING are automatically sent to your specified email address. As a rule, this is the one which you have given her under private. How can you cancel your newsletter and thus relieve your email inbox, learn it in our article: XING newsletter unsubscribe - How works&# 8217; s.

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