DSL Speed ​​Test: How fast is my Internet?

"My Internet How fast is really" - answer this question DSL speed tests. So you can find out if you reach the specified from your ISP the download or upload speed. We also tell you what you can do if you give them not reached and thus your DSL connection is too slow.

DSL Speed ​​Test: How fast is my Internet?

DSL Speed ​​Test: How fast does my internet is really?

According to a study of the consumer centers around 20 percent of all DSL customers do not achieve the transfer rate for which they actually pay. Is your Internet anything but fast or happens to you as though you have booked a Monster line, then something may be wrong there. We show you ways to test the speed of your DSL line and optimize if necessary.

With a DSL speed test you can to find out both the speeds for download as well as upload your line. Compared with the theoretically possible transfer speeds for these two values ​​you can quickly determine whether your connection is too slow. Also important: It will also see a ping time. This can also be instrumental in a slow surfing habits.

DSL Speedtest

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DSL speed test on the Internet: fast, free, but inaccurate

If you want to get an overview of roughly whether your DSL nearly offers the performance, also paid for her, even trying out Speedreport.de or Speedtest.net. Here you learn how much downloading and uploading transfer your line currently supplies about. In addition, you will receive the ping time. This is the time that passes a request to the appropriate server and back again.

But here are not all high-speed tests, which can be found on the Internet, really reliable. So to get a credible value, you have to just ask for your DSL modem. This synchronizes with the DSL central office in a certain speed to avoid data loss between the two can occur.

DSL Speed ​​Test: The need to be considered

  • A DSL speed test should not take place over WiFi, but via a cable connection, if possible, to exclude potential confounders
  • Finished all downloads, so as not to distort the values
  • Repeats the DSL speed test at different times, because sometimes the lines morning and evening are overloaded - depending on how many connections depend on the Internet manifold from which it relates Internet

How fast does my internet is really? - Router consulted draw

fritzboxIn order not to confront with any adulterated or spongy values ​​your service provider if your line does not provide enough, you should read the values ​​just the modem. In a FritzBox router that works as follows:

Fritz box and VDSL

  • Open your Fritz box (Give it easy http://fritz.box in the address bar of your browser) or VDSL
  • Under Advanced Settings / Internet > DSL information can be found the desired result

D-Link, Netgear, Linksys

  • Make your way into the router's menu
  • Go to the tab Status and read from the speed

What to do if the DSL speed test raises the alarm?

Could you your router elicit a rather unpleasant truth that he delivers less than paid for it, you can contact your provider you. In most cases, will then once recommended, at least for wireless routers to change the positioning.

DC give in and post this step as complete and sufficiently tested. Via remote access access after a technician of the provider to the stored profile and check the data. If the provider fair enough, he screws the line high on the paid transfer.

The best check it every few weeks the DSL speed once after to see if because even adjusts the actual speed.

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