This video shows how GTA disturbing than VR implementation would

In keeping with the release of PlayStation VR YouTuber the collective Corridor published an ingenious video about how GTA would look in virtual reality. And that proves that the VR conversion for the open world would be a really bad idea.

Do you remember at the fantastic video of Corridor in which it was shown how Super Mario Galaxy would look like in real life? From the same YouTubers now a new video has been released. The short strip it manages to top the previous one, really very elaborately produced work again! In GTA VR an avid player grabs finally got his new VR goggles off, bring them up - and promptly met the crazy Trevor from GTA 5 Played this is lower by none other than Steven Ogg, the English voice actor Trevor.

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In the video Ogg proves all his acting talent and embodies the reckless and absolutely insane Trevor like no other. or not yet - and as befits Corridor movies, there is in the end still a neat twist that leads the whole idea absurd? In any case, it's fun to watch the chaotic film. He does so definitely the last GTA real-life video of Corridor competition, which is per se very perfectionist.

The video was released by the YouTubers behind Corridor on October 10, and just before the release of PlayStation VR. The Sony-VR goggles is available for 399 Euro from today and brings some games with them. GTA 5 is the line-up (so far) not with it, such as the short film proves impressively this is but probably better that way.

How do you like the video of Corridor? Would you get out GTA 5 for the PlayStation VR or are you now once put off by the idea?

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More of Corridor complacent? Here's another video that shows you how GTA would look like in real life:

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