Pokémon Go: PvP combat and Legendary Pokémon are to come in the summer

For nearly a year, players of the smartphone game Pokemon Go had to wait, now it will finally make the game long demanded features soon. As an employee of the developer Niantic Labs has confirmed in an interview that "player vs. player" -Kämpfe and legendary Pokémon is to come this summer.


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Who wants to be in Pokémon Go "the very best", it has extensive possibilities. Many pocket monsters just waiting to be tracked by ambitious coaches and trapped - but legendary Pokémon as Arktos, Zapdos and Moltres are still not so. Had there been a reference to the early creation of legendary monsters few weeks ago, an employee of the developer Niantic Labs introduces this confirmed in the summer of 2017 - and also finally announced bred PvP combat, players have demanded for so long. The Reddit users Constyy has the Brazilian side O Globo the corresponding interview Part translated into English.

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"Due to the success of the game we had to postpone some planned improvements," said Mathieu de Fayet Niantic. "We are currently working on some of those who are to come this summer to give about the choice of the team a stronger weighting to publish legendary Pokémon and introduce PvP." In general, hoped the developer to ensure the longevity of Pokémon go through new features. "One thing you we have learned with Ingress is the fact that the game maintains independent, if we manage to make social interactions between trainers. And we are working, "said de Fayet on.

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When exactly PvP combat and Legendary Pokémon are now to hold finally moving into Pokémon Go, the developer was still open. It is also unclear what players need to do about in order to get their hands on these rare pocket monsters or challenge rivals on the street to heated duels.


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