TV receiver: For now, no DVB-T2 HD for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Only three and a half weeks, then the existing DVB-T is shut off in many regions. Who uses the terrestrial television via iPad, Android tablet or smartphone, unlucky: There should be more months no reception stick for the successor standard DVB-T2 HD, which supports all major German stations.

TV receiver: For now, no DVB-T2 HD for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

It was not until the middle of this year, the first DVB-T2 HD receiver will probably appear for mobile devices that can receive both public and private broadcasters. The GIGA learned of Media Broadcast. The broadcasting service provider provides the delivery platform for DVB-T2 HD and sells as freenet TV private channels of terrestrial television.

With the conversion of DVB-T to DVB-T2 HD viewers need new receiver (see Overview of DVB-T2 HD). These must support the new, better codec H.265. Private broadcasters as ProSieben, RTL, Sat.1, VOX, etc. are transmitted also encrypted. If you want to call them, you need * hardware they can decrypt only the necessary subscription.

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freenet TV for iOS and Android manufacturers are holding back

While there are for television sets both CI + modules and standalone receivers from different manufacturers, will freenet TV well imagine only in the middle of the year a solution for mobile devices. The situation is similar for Mac owners, only one freenet TV stick for Windows there will be soon.

Other manufacturers seem however, to refrain from mobile solutions. When asked by GIGA provides eyetv manufacturers Geniatech clear that you no devices that support TV freenet planned have. However eyetv products are developed that support "free to air and high quality TV channels". The program selection is limited therefore to the public broadcasters that are sent unencrypted and thus can be viewed without Abobuchung. As release date is mid-late April provided. Geniatech is one of the world's leading OEM manufacturers of TV platforms and brand sells eyetv, once belonging to Elgato, now on their own.

More rigorous itself shows equinux - the Munich company sales successful DVB-T receiver with the name tizi. equinux assumes that the new standard in the long run will have no future. The company has therefore reoriented and, with "Live TV" an Internet streaming solution.

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Conclusion: private broadcaster, iPad and Android tablet for now on stream

Streams have - as terrestrial television - advantages and disadvantages. Those who live in the affected areas, where the technology will be changed on March 29, for the time being has no choice: Mobile receiver for terrestrial television, including private channels are not available. As Aternative to offer TV Movie *, Zattoo, Magine TV *  & Co on.


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